2014 Fitness Goals

Oh. Goals.


My focus on 2013 was mainly on running. Running and dealing with a whole bunch of personal shiz-nit that didn’t ever really make it onto the blog. Now that that stuff is kinda sorta mostly dealt with (ish), I’m looking forward to 2014 and what I hope to accomplish fitness-wise during this upcoming year.

1. Keep running

My 2013 running goals were as follows, run SeaWheeze (this was decided way back in 2012) and run a marathon. The marathon goal was one I went back and forth on, but I’m so glad it worked out for me to do it, even with all my crazy busy summer weekends.

Right now my 2014 has two races on the calendar: Glass Slipper Challenge in Disney World in Feb, 50k Ultra in Calgary on June 1 (six months!!) and SeaWheeze in Vancouver in August. I’m not yet certain if I want to sign up for any more races yet (I love traveling to races, but my bank account does not. I’m also traveling to the US two (maybe 3) times between July and October, so 2014 may be a light running year).

Even if I don’t have a bunch of races on the calendar in the fall, I’m planning on keeping my momentum with Run This Year. The idea is to complete 2014 miles OR kilometers OR your own goal in 2014. If you’re looking for some motivation and maybe want to win a prize or two, check it out and sign up!

2. Do more yoga

I did a ton of yoga in February and March of 2013 and then it kind of just fell off. My focus was running and I’m not always super keen on hot yoga in the summer. That said, yoga has done amazing things for me physically and mentally and I want to keep it up.

I’d also like to complete a 30-day yoga challenge at some point this year. I’ve signed up for three of them in the past and never finished, so I’d love to be able to check that off the list. My yoga studio has a 30-day challenge starting on January 13, but considering that’s just 5 weeks before Disney, I’m thinking this probably isn’t the best of ideas……Instead I’d like to go to yoga twice as week, once on Tuesday for a Yin class and once on Saturday for a yoga and weight class. I have 14 classes left on my card, so twice a week that will take me to Disney and I’ll see how best to incorporate yoga into my ultra training.

3. Cross train

It’s become pretty obvious that my abs are super weak and I know doing strength training will help with my races and keep me from getting injured. I’ve really enjoyed the Greatist WOD’s so I’d like to start the 3-day a week program, so I’ll be doing strength training Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The great thing about these workouts is they only take 20-30 minutes, so I really should be able to fit them into my day, unless I’m feeling super lazy.

4. Get a gym pass

Depending on how running goes and what (if any) races I sign up for in the fall, I’d like to get back into going to gym classes on a semi-regular basis. When I moved from the ‘burbs to downtown in 2009 I left my favourite gym and there were no longer any locations convenient to downtown, so I stopped going to the gym on the regular. Now my favourite gym is opening a location downtown in the Spring and I’d love to get a pass so I can start attending some more group exercise classes.

5. Try spinning

There’s a spin studio a block away from my condo and it looks awesome. I’d thought about trying spinning this fall, but I kept running instead. If/when I take a bit of a break from running, I want to try spinning. I’m not sure I’d be able to do a 30-day challenge like I want to do with yoga, but I would like to buy a 30-day introductory pass to give it a shot and see how I like it.

Tell me: Do you have any fitness goals for 2014?

7 thoughts on “2014 Fitness Goals

  1. Good goals! My main goal is to run a half marathon in fall w/ my fiancé.

    If you end up getting a gym pass and the gym offers BodyAttack, I suggest that class! I used to think I’d never find a class as great as Turbo Kick, and now I can’t stand that class and haven’t done it since I found BodyAttack. (Turbo seems to mess w/ my already bad back, so that’s also why I don’t care for it.)

    • Yay for half marathons! 🙂

      I love LesMills classes at the gym!! I haven’t tried BodyAttack, but it’s now on my list. My favourite was BodyPump, such an awesome and intense class.

      • I’ve only done BodyPump once, but I liked it. I actually was just looking at the new gym schedule this afternoon and wrote down the times when they have it, so come this Sunday, I hope to make it a weekly class I attend.

  2. I’m running the Vancouver Marathon in May, with a 1/2 marathon the month before. My goals are to get better times in both runs from the last time I ran them. My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, so am shooting for that, but not sure if it will happen this time!

    I would definitely try a spin class. When I was training for a big running event several years ago, spinning helped me with my speed. I am going to spin 1-2 times a week as part of my marathon training.

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