Treat Yourself Tuesday: 12/31

Here we are, the last day of 2013.


I’ve always loved the feeling of starting a new year.

This past week has been a bit busy for me (hence the minimal blogging) but I did manage to treat myself from Sephora and Lululemon with some nice Boxing Day sales at the mall.

My sister and I even had a bit of a spa day with some of the products I purchased.


Nothing cooler than a black face mask 🙂


brisk bloom


I’m in love with how pretty this hoodie is! White and I don’t always get along, but I’m willing to risk it for this one!


photo (10) photo (11) photo (12) photo (13)


I’m working really hard to take better care of my skin and I’ve fallen in love with boscia products, especially the black peel off mask! I might look a little crazy, but it’s amazing on my skin!

photo (15) photo (16) photo (14)


The Bumble and Bumble purchase is an experiment for me. This fall I purchased inexpensive shampoo and conditioner, but finished them in a month. I’m trying these (even though they’re pricey) because if I can get them to last 3-4 months, the cost per use will be less than the cheap stuff – and I’ll get to use my fancy pants shampoo!

photo (17)

Because it is the best mascara ever. The end.

Tell me: How did you treat yourself this week?

3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: 12/31

  1. I love that black mask, my face feels amazing for days after. I also have a hoody from lulu very similar in pattern and i found the part that gets the dirtiest is the cuffs.
    I ordered redavid shampoo and conditioner from my hairdresser, i love it and it is definitely more expensive then the herbal essences i currently use but i loved the way my hair felt after i used it.

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