Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 12/26

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas spent with loved ones – and a happy Boxing Day to my Canadian friends!


I needed a break

This week I’m finally starting to feel back in the running groove. I’ve read two books on running (Runners World Cookbook and Hansons Marathon Method) over the past few days and I’m feeling renewed in my love for running. While I was super motivated coming out of the marathon, I think my body probably needed a bit of a break in order to heal. Now? I’m ready to get back at it! Heck, I even typed up my 50k training plan (right now it’s just the marathon plan, I’m not 100% sure how to tweak it, but am open to ideas!).

I think I also needed a bit of a blogging break. I had posts ready to go up over the weekend and earlier this week, but I just wasn’t motivated to log into my computer to post them. Not to worry, after a break and time spent with family I’m ready to go again. I don’t always like being a sporadic blogger, but sometimes that’s just how things work out.

I’ve been spendy

I confessed before that I didn’t really made a budget for December and I’m feeling it. I’m working hard at not shaming myself over it and I know with 100% certainty I will be debt free in 2014, so I’ll just take things how they fall and move on. A lot of stores had pre-Boxing Day sales (not to say I didn’t also partake in Boxing Day shopping – I’ll have that up next Tuesday) and I wound up with 2 new pairs of jeans from Express (at $80/pair full price these jeans kick ass) and a humidifier. In Calgary a humidifier is a must. I also bought hockey tickets for my dad and I. I think it’s probably been at least 20 years since he’s been to an NHL game and my Canucks jersey hasn’t seen much wear lately, so I think it’s worth it for a special treat!

I’ve been eat-y

Much of this past weekend and week has been filled (again!) with wine and beer and sugary goodness. Thank-freaking-goodness I’m back on the running train as I know my body wouldn’t be able to handle all this booze and sugar on a regular basis. But, everything in moderation, right?!

My cat is awesome

I don’t have much of substance to prove this, but hanging out with him for days at a time is pretty fun, especially since it’s nap time all the time. Bonus points if you can also take a nap in the sink (this happens on a regular basis).

photo (9)

I’m feeling thankful

Christmas 2012 was rough for me. So rough. I remember sitting at my sister’s hiding my face in my phone so people wouldn’t see my crying. This Christmas, while I did have moments of wishing something were different, or had turned out differently, sadness definitely wasn’t the emotion of the day. I’m so thankful my sister came to visit and we’ve been able to chat, watch movies and hang out together for a few days. Right after she leaves my dad comes and we’ll have a few days to visit. So, so thankful.

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