Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 12/19


I’m joining Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday this week. If you haven’t discovered her blog, she’s adorable and is from Edmonton, so I secretly (well, not so secretly now…) hope we’re able to meet up one day! Maybe on the slopes? Except she can snowboard and I prefer to sit in the lodge by the fire…. πŸ˜‰

I’m losing motivation

Today is my last day of work in 2013 (!!!!) and I started off the week on a high note, super motivated to get all the things done before the New Year, but due to continual hiccups and issues, I’m losing steam. Now? I just want to be DONE!!

I haven’t run since November

Okay, that’s not exactly true, I ran for 10 minutes on Monday and then I felt like I was going to die/pass out, so I stopped. I am not pleased with my sickness and inability to run. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to get some runs in over my break so I can get back to training for Disney!!

I’m excited to see my sister

She arrives on Christmas Eve (late on Christmas Eve) and I’m super pumped to spend four days with her! We’ve already decided on a movie on Christmas Day (I’m hoping for Anchorman or Frozen) and will have dinner with my mom. Then it’s Boxing Day shopping, Zoolights and probably a yoga class. πŸ™‚

I haven’t been to yoga since May

I have a drop in card and I just haven’t been. I miss yoga, so I’m hoping to go back over the weekend….if I’m feeling well enough. Being sick is really cramping my style. My yoga studio normally does some kind of a 30-day challenge in January and if they do it this year, I want to sign up. I’ve actually signed up for 3 previous challenges and completed… A 2014 goal is to complete one.

I’m done Christmas shopping…..except for my dad

I’ve gone back and forth on what to buy for my dad, this happens to me every freaking year. Thankfully he’s not coming to visit until December 29, so I have time to figure out what in the world to get him, because, as always, I’m at a loss. Last year it was a beer making kit, the year before it was beer. I’m thinking….beer? Or socks. Seriously. Those are my ideas.

I’m not sure if I want to go Boxing Day shopping

I even have a list of things I want to pick up, but I’m just not feeling the whole spending money thing this year. My list is even more needs than wants, so being able to grab them for cheap would be awesome, but….I just don’t know. I might change my tune once I get to the mall, since I’m taking my sister for sure!

I’ve been eating like crap lately

This might be why I’ve been feeling so sick for so long, but I’m really not sure. I’ve just been eating lots and lots (and lots!) of sugar lately, which is unusual for me. I’m hopeful two weeks off from work will get me back on the eating healthy and exercising train. That, or I’ll just be extra lazy and watch lots of Netflix. It really is a toss up.

My secret Santa made me cry

I participated in a secret Santa gift exchange and received my package in the mail last night and it was so awesome and thoughtful that I teared up a bit. Things like this make me love the spirit of Christmas.

Tell me: What are you thinking about today?

6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 12/19

  1. Heck YES to a meetup! I’d be more than down with that! If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, let me know! And if I ever find myself driving through your neck of the woods (I usually do when I go up to Banff), I’ll see if I can convince the others to make an extended stop for gas in Calgary… Might work if I bribe them with cookies πŸ˜†

  2. Aw I hope you find the motivation to run and do yoga soon! And shopping for dads is the worst, mine is so hard to shop for too. We make him give us a list lol

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