Christmas “To-Do” List

Good morning and happy Monday friends!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I managed to get some errands out-of-the-way, and some decorating and baking done – but the details of that will have to wait until tomorrow!

I also think I’ve finally figured out why I’m still sick – the consensus of the Internet is that I have a sinus infection. I made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow at 9:30, so I’m hoping to get some relief. I’ve been waking up with super embarrassingly puffy eyes on top of just plain old being sick.

Instead of whining about being sick (for the second straight week) I thought I’d talk about what I have planned in the way of Christmas baking and getting ready for the day.


Toffee – I made a test batch last night that turned out fairly well, but now I know what tweaks I’d like to make, so I plan on pumping out two more batches this evening.

Soldiers – these are a family staple. It’s been a few years since I’ve made them, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without them so I’ll start making them tonight

Buckeyes – I’ve never made these before, but anything with peanut butter and chocolate has my heart, so I’m going to try my hand at these.

Miscellaneous balls – (heh. Balls). My Food Network magazine has a bunch of recipes for Christmas balls and there are a few I want to try, they’re all quite simple and really only involve whirring things around in the food processor and forming into balls.

Cinnamon buns – in my family, it’s not a celebration unless cinnamon buns are involved. I made red velvet cinnamon buns for birthday season in May (three major birthdays in the span for 4 days) and plan on making another batch of these for Christmas since they were so, so yummy!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been one of my favourite days, like the calm before the storm. This year, depending on how things work out, I’m hoping to take in the Christmas Eve service at my church and then enjoy a dinner of appetizers and wine before picking up my sister around 11pm. This may change depending on who is in town, but I like the idea of a relaxing day that doesn’t involve much cooking 🙂

Christmas Day

Boozy coffee. PJ’s. Movies. Reading. Relaxing. Steak dinner, maybe?

As Boxing Day will likely be an early day and possibly hectic, relaxing on Christmas sounds wonderful to me.

Last year Christmas was really difficult for me, so as I mentioned, I don’t want to plan too much, but I am making a list of things that are important for me to do to feel happy and comforted, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to focus on those.

I also have some plans for when my dad visits, but I’m keeping those a surprise 🙂

Tell me: What are your “must dos” for Christmas this year?

2 thoughts on “Christmas “To-Do” List

  1. Lessons and carols from Kings College on Christmas Eve afternoon. We decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve dinner is fish pie (and champagne!). Other than the leftover yorkshire puddings and roast beef aka ‘the breakfast of champions’ on Boxing Day morning, we don’t have too many other traditions.
    I’ve made mince pies already but have a ton of Christmas baking to do next weekend! I’m going for christmas pudding truffles, spiced biscuits and mini gingerbreads and maybe some sourdough, all that goes into gift bags as Christmas presents.
    Right, I’m off to make a list…

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