Link Love

Thank you so much for all the love on my post yesterday! The number of people who reached out to me was really humbling. Xoxo

I liked my Saturday link love post so much last week, that I’m going to continue with this for now. My Friday posts were getting pretty long since I keep finding things I love online 🙂


I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday. I had a super great day and I’m planning on decorating for Christmas and baking tomorrow. I’m feeling rather elf-like this weekend, so I’m going to take advantage of it!

Here we go!

Popular This Week

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December Goals

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Links I Loved

There’s Nothing Wrong With You If You Are Preoccupied With Food via Jamie Mendell <– if you only read ONE link this week, make sure it’s this one. I promise you won’t regret it!

Joe Jonas: My Life As A Jonas Brother <– fascinating!

Fit Mom Maria Kang says she’s not a bully: ‘You can tell fat people are unhealthy’ via Celebitchy <– also worth a read

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight? another gem by Jamie Mendell

Which “Love Actually” Character Are You? via Buzzfeed <– I got the SpiderMan kid, which is pretty awesome.You are a unique gem of a human. Don’t ever change. Amen to that!

T-Rex Rantz, Volume 6: The Holiday Edition via The T-Rex Runner

How to Love and Be Loved via Storyline Blog

Life With Ed, Part 8: It’s Always Something via The T-Rex Runner <– I promise Danielle isn’t paying me to link to her blog, I’m just hoping she’ll send me her bitchin’ ram hat as a thank you 🙂

What Happens When We Assume the Best About Others? via Storyline Blog

26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand via Buzzfeed

7 Mind-Blowing Chemical Reactions You Won’t Believe Are Real via Cracked

Tell me: What links have you loved this week?

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