Running and Recovery


It may come as a bit of a surprise to find out I’ve been under the weather and under a lot of stress for the past few weeks <– note the sarcasm font.

As a result of the sick and the stress, running has taken a bit of a back seat to getting myself better. The last time I ran was 10k eight days ago.

While I do have a race lined up, I think it’s really important to heal before jumping into running, since exercise causes stress on the body. When I was first sick two weeks ago, I took a few days off before running as it was just a mild icky feeling and I wanted to be 100% before running.

With this one, I’ve missed a week of runs and may or may not run tonight. I know the rule is if it’s in your chest, let it rest but when there’s a fever involved, that all goes out the window.

Since I walk to and from work, I use that to judge how well I’m feeling and whether or not I can physically handle going for a run. If I’m tired and winded by the time I walk in my door (my walk is about 15 minutes) then there’s no way I’m going for a run; if I feel fine then I’ll give it a go.

It seems to be a thing lately in the running blog world to talk about doing your own thing, and that’s what I want to encourage you to do.

Yes I’m a bit worried that I’m losing fitness and I might be letting Ann down by not training, but I’d rather take a week off from running and get well than push myself when sick and just end up sicker. Sicker sucks. Especially three weeks from Christmas.

Tell me: What are you rules for running when under the weather?

5 thoughts on “Running and Recovery

  1. You are not letting me down. I promise. Seriously, you started at a higher fitness base. What you could potentially lose in a week (or two!!) is what I’m still building up towards. We are going to be fine. Swears.


  2. I definitely take time off if I’m sick. That also goes for when I’m injured. When I was training for a marathon, I ran a long run (16 miles*) early in the morning and hurt my achilles tendon. I ended up taking 8 days off and was able to get right back into my training after that. If I had pushed through it, I probably would have made my injury much worse and could have jeopardized my running the marathon. I’ve always been this way since I began running in my early teens…that’s why I’m still running in my late 40s and enjoying it!

    *I am Canadian but I always think in miles when running, unless I run on the track, then it is in metres. When I drive, I totally think in kilometres, and in regards to temperature, it is celsius. I also have a science degree, so I am very used to using only the metric system. However, for some reason, my brain won’t let me think in min/km when it comes to running! 🙂

    • I totally have that approach when it comes to injuries, but for some reason I equate being sick with being weak, or wimpy. I’ve moved to a bit of the sniffles now, so I think I’m fine for a short treadmill run since it’s crazy cold here!

      I think in kms when I run, but my training program is in miles, so I’m constantly switching back and forth between the two. Sometimes I’ll have days where I can’t remember if I’m supposed to run 8km or 8 miles and there’s a BIG difference. Ha!

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