December Goals

December Goals

This was a post that was supposed to go up earlier this week, but with TEH SICK and failed travel plans it just didn’t happen, so since it’s only December 4th (and 3 weeks until Christmas! Gah!) I figured better late than never 🙂

Decorate for the Holidays

I didn’t decorate at all last year because I wasn’t home much in December. I spent a week in Yellowknife for work, a week in NYC to get away and then five days at my dad’s, so I was gone for 19 days and I just didn’t feel like it was worth it to decorate just for me, so I didn’t.

This year my sister is visiting for Christmas and my dad is coming out after Christmas, so I think it would be nice to have my place look a bit festive.

Limit My Expectations

Christmas is truly my favourite holiday. For many years I spent Christmas with my then-husband’s family and they were always so loving and welcoming and I always looked forward to spending time with them. This will be the second Christmas “alone” and I’m still getting used to my new normal. A lot of times I set expectations that ______ will be the greatest thing ever and am usually disappointed. This year I want to limit my expectations. I want to enjoy the season, but I’ll also allow myself to be sad if I need to be sad and take time to remember the good memories I made in past Christmases.


I tend to alternate whether I do Christmas baking or not. This year I’d like to do a bit of baking. Since it’ll just be me and family, I likely won’t do too much baking, but I’d like to do some simple baking.


Running hasn’t gone so well for me for the past two weeks. With sick, stress, lack of sleep and weather, I haven’t run in a week and it’s unlikely I’ll be well enough to run before the weekend. It’s extremely cold here, so I’ll need to brave the treadmill, but I’d like to do my best to start running again by the weekend to attempt to get my training back on track.

My goals this month are pretty simple, because I want to focus on me and I don’t want to get caught up in beating myself up for not accomplishing my goals. This time last year was very difficult for me, so I want to take baby steps to make this year better so each subsequent year will improve.

Tell me: What are you goals for December?

4 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. My goals are to keep running! And not stress myself out over all the baking i need to do (i give it for gifts, the list is already huge).
    Also i need to keep going through my stuff to toss/donate before i move. 56 days!

    As for Christmas alone, keep it simple – make yourself some tasty treats for tree decorating night and put on Rudolph or something. Christmas eve i spend wrapping presents, drinking and watching anchorman/elf/telladega nights while texting the quotes to my bf who is at her mom’s doing the exact same thing. It’s become a yearly tradition. (let me know if you want in on that)

    Oh and Merlin needs reindeer antlers…

    • You baking list IS huge. I’m probably only going to make 3 or 4 things.
      Woo! 56 days!!

      I’m probably going to go to the Christmas Eve service at my church, they always do a great job and Paul Brandt usually sings as well. Then sometime on Christmas Day my sister will arrive, so we’ll maybe go to a movie (depending on when she gets in – I LOVE seeing movies on Christmas!) and then eat some food and drink some wine. Boxing Day will be time for shopping followed up by a visit with my mom on the 26 or 27 and then on the 29 my dad arrives, so it’ll definitely be a busy week!

      Ah! I LOVE the antler idea. Hmmmmm 🙂

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