Lima Oh-Hi-No

I apologize for the lack of posts for the past few days, I’ve been flighting the flu since Thursday and still dealing with some stress, of which yesterday did not help.


I think I mentioned at some point last week that I was supposed to be going to Lima, OH for work for a few days.

Yesterday I arrived at the airport at 4am (I called a cab early because of the blizzard and wanted to make sure I arrived on time) for my 6:30am flight. However, since I was still fighting the flu I’d been awake on and off since about 1am, so I was functioning on very little sleep.

Everything was great going through security and I decided to try eating a plain bagel and hope I’d be able to keep that down, as I knew I should probably eat something.

We all boarded the plane no problem and I was pumped to find out I was in a row all by myself so I moved from the aisle to the window to get a better sleep (I was originally bummed to find out I was in an aisle seat because I knew I’d fall asleep easier at the window) and then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

About an hour after boarding we pushed back from the gate to get de-iced.

Then we waited some more.

The pilot came on to let us know the runway would be closed in 15 minutes for plowing, so he’d do his best to get us on our way quickly.

Twenty minutes went by and the pilot came on to let us know one engine wouldn’t start and he was trouble-shooting with Chicago (United headquarters).

Then we waited some more.

A maintenance dude came out with a heater to try to heat up the engine to get it to turn over, except the heater didn’t work, so maintenance went off to get a new one. After heating the engine it still wouldn’t start.

At 9:30 we were towed back to the gate so we could get off the plane while maintenance tried to figure out what to do.

I immediately got in line as unless we left almost immediately at 9:30, I was going to miss my connecting flight. I stood in line and called the corporate travel agency to see what they recommended (rebook with them or talk to the gate agent).

The wait, sick and fatigue might have resulted in a teeny bit of a meltdown in the middle of the airport. Umm, oops? I hate crying at the best of times, but in the middle of the airport? Totally not cool. I’m still a bit embarrassed about it. Since I was melting down I called a friend and he was supportive and let me know I was probably freaking out over nothing.

When he called me back two hours later to see what had been decided, I was still waiting in line.

In the meantime I also communicated with my boss. The purpose of my trip was to be at an inventory count at 7am today, so if I couldn’t make it for 7am today, there wasn’t much point in going on the trip.

When I finally (yay!) got to the gate agent, I asked if there was any way to get me to Ohio by Monday evening. The answer? Nope. So I cancelled my tickets, got myself a $16 meal voucher and hung out in the waiting area while they offloaded my bags so I could go home.

At 1:30 I got my bag, hopped in a cab at 2pm and was home by 3pm.

Eleven hours and I didn’t even go anywhere.

I’m a bit bummed I lost out on a chance to go to Trader Joe’s as I was looking forward to picking up some fun goodies for Christmas presents (I found some awesome things when I went to NYC last year), but I obviously wasn’t meant to go to Lima.

Tell me: What’s the worst travel experience you’ve had?

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