Link Love

Since I didn’t post my normal Friday Faves post yesterday, and I wanted to share my link love with you this week, you’re getting it on Saturday.


Personally, I think this is an awesome idea because after digesting turkey (if you’re in America) and Black Friday Shopping (Canada and US) you’re probably looking to relax and maybe catch up on some blog reading.

See? Always thinking of my readers 🙂

Popular This Week

Ups and Downs. Or, 375 Days <– you can probably skip this one. It’s a downer.

Treat Yourself Tuesday: 11/26

2014 Glass Slipper Challenge

The Thursday Runs: Steady

Running in the Cold

Planning for 2014

November Goals Wrap Up

My Thoughts on “Healthy Living”

Dealing with Stress

Links I’m Loving

Who are you? via The Bloggess <– click on it and then laugh. You’ll be glad you did. In case you’re wondering, I’m Admiral Radioactive Wonderduck. Right?!

Stuffing via Thug Kitchen <– I realize posting this after Thanksgiving may not help you, but keep in on your radar for Christmas. Also, sorry not sorry about language.

12 Types of Runners: Which One Are You? via PopSugar Fitness

Running Terminology Deciphered via Forks to Feet

My Holiday Diet via Erica House <– READ THIS.

Before + after photos: a conspiracy? via The Fit Chronicles

The More You Think About Eating That Cupcake, The More Likely You’ll Find A Reason To Eat It via Greatist <– mmmmm, cupcakes.

Trusting The Process via The Pace of Me <– something I needed to hear this week

Tell me: What are some links you’ve loved this week?

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