Treat Yourself Tuesday: 11/26


Well, yesterday was a bit of a bummer way to start the week, huh?

Sorry about that.

Let’s move on to happier and better things, ‘mkay?

Last Wednesday I decided to doubly treat myself, I had a massage at 7pm and decided to make a stop and finally pick up a teapot for myself. I’ve been making multiple single cups of tea for a long time and decided a teapot will help solve my tea problem.

Or, possibly encourage it as I might have possibly picked up some new tea while I was there as well. Sorry, not sorry.

Since it’s nearly Christmas time (less than a month – eeps!!) all the teapots were Christmassy, so I went with a beautiful red one (and have plans to pick up a more spring-like one in, well, the spring).

IMG_5991Cute, right?!

Obviously I picked it up from my mostest favourite tea store, David’s Tea.

And, because I couldn’t resist, I also picked up two new tea samplers. First up The Festive Collection.


I’m nearly done by White Chocolate Frost, so having a big tin of it was a huge seller for me!

I also had a few duplicates, so those will be going into Christmas presents this year. Holla for saving some monies!!

I also (oops) picked up the Tea of the Month collection.

Why yes, I am a sucker for packaging, why do you ask?

IMG_5985IMG_5987  Tea! I love tea!

Finally (ugh, I know) when I picked up groceries on Saturday evening, I also grabbed some flowers for myself. I love having fresh flowers in my house because they’re so cheerful. It’s even been suggested that I dry these ones because they’re so pretty – I just have to figure out how in the world to dry them!


Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?

PS – thanks to Becky for hosting! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: 11/26

  1. I’ve never had David’s tea, but I’ve heard great things. I’m not a huge tea drinker, but I’ll enjoy a mug from time to time. Love that you got a massage! I’ve never had one, so I’m extra jealous.

    This week I’ll be treating myself by STUFFING MY FACE at Thanksgivanukkah (Thanksgiving/Hanukkah).

  2. Snap! I’ve been buying flowers too, I was expecting November to suck so took some pre-emptive action to cheer myself up. This week, I’ll be mostly treating myself to cold and flu medication, I’ve caught the sick and boots and maybe even a new dress for the office Christmas party but the last two really depend on whether I can shake the sick!

  3. My treat yourself Tuesday will be this Friday and i am so going to David’s Tea and Bath and body works and Ikea. lol I wish i could buy pretty flowers but Misfit likes to chew on the leaves and spit them out… :p

  4. Ange, if you love tea..head over to my blog site and check out my new fave loose leaf tea, by Shape Tea. There is a promo code there also and it is awesome, I am a huge tea fan also. I think you might like them 🙂 Having fresh flowers in the house is a MUST. Fresh flowers every two weeks, we change them out and I love them in each room …kitchen/dining, living room and master bedroom. Sometimes our daughter wants pink flowers in her room 🙂

  5. There is so much pretty red in this post, I love it! I am definitely treating myself this week by taking Friday off of work. In my opinion we should get it off anyways so I’m going to sleep and relax and spend time with family 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

    • I’m so very jealous of your short week! Our Thanksgiving is in early October and it really isn’t such a big deal as American Thanksgiving. I really want to visit friends in the States one year to experience the awesomeness of American Thanksgiving!
      But – I’m glad Canada now gets Black Friday sales. Woo!!

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