Weekly Plan: Nov 24

Happy Sunday, friends!

I’m super excited for it to be Sunday as I have tickets to see Catching Fire at 4pm today. I’m so excited!!!

Weekly Plan (1)

I have to say, I felt like last week got away from me a little bit. Tuesday I left work early because I wasn’t feeling well and just wasn’t able to sleep, I went in late on Wednesday and as a result, took a break from running/fitness until Friday. The good thing? I didn’t even stress about it! I know it’s way more important to be healthy than to run in the crazy freezing weather!

Let’s catch up on last week, shall we?

  • Monday – Greatist WOD –> check! Completed!
  • Tuesday – 8km+ strides and Greatist WOD –> sick day
  • Wednesday – off; I have a massage after work :) –> kept my massage, it was wonderful
  • Thursday – 4×1 mile repeats and Greatist WOD –> sick day
  • Friday – Greatist WOD –> ran an easy 10km after work to get my body back into it
  • Saturday– 8km steady OR rest –> rest day, I was in a course all day.
  • Sunday – 16km (4km steady/8km fast/4km steady) –> unfortunately, this didn’t happen, I didn’t make it to bed until 4am and running 16km on little to no sleep isn’t what I consider to be fun; therefore, no run. I’m hopeful I’ll manage to sneak a nap in at some point today….

So, there ya go. Not awesome, but not awful, either. I think it’s a good reminder for everyone to listen to our bodies and recover before pushing it. I really only missed 2 runs (it felt like WAY more) and I’d rather miss 2 runs than be sick for weeks on end. I’m a big believer that sleep fixes most things 🙂

Moving on to this week…


Anyone want to guess what I’ll be having for breakfasts?




Three cheers for the green smoothies!


I seem to be flip flopping between crockpot lunchs and sweet potatoes. Last week it was the crockpot so this week will be sweet potatoes. Topped wtih cottage cheese and salsa, per usual.

Gosh, I’m boring, aren’t I?! 😛


I pre-measured out 5 baggies of 1/4 cup of the trail mixes from Costco last week, so that’s my 10:30 snack and my afternoon snack will be 2 Japanese oranges and maybe and apple as well.


Why is it so dang hard for me to plan/figure out dinners? I currently have eggs, frozen veggies, frozen chicken breasts and fish, so those will be combined in some way to make quick and health dinners this week.


I’m so happy to say this week is looking to be far nicer than last week. Hooray! I’m excited to get my runs in outside this week!

Monday – Greatist WOD

Tuesday – 6km at lunch (hair appointment after work)

Wednesday – 11km steady

Thursday – 13 km and Greatist WOD

Friday – Greatist WOD

Saturday– 10km steady OR rest

Sunday – 19km long run

There ya have it, another truly predictable week!

Tell me: What’s your plan for this week?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Plan: Nov 24

    • In the baggies is 1c of frozen fruit and a few handfuls of spinach (a big container from the store gets me 6-7 baggies). Then I add kefir, a scoop of greens and protein powder, 1c of coconut water and more water as I blend. Sometimes I’ll add juice too, or mix up the type if fruit, but it’s pretty consistent. I’ve been drinking them for 8 months and I’m not sick of them yet!

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