Weekly Plan: Nov 17

Weekly Plan (1)

Happy Sunday afternoon, friends!

I’m currently snuggled on the couch with Merlin watching some football – definitely an awesome way to spend a relaxing Sunday 🙂

The weather definitely took a turn toward winter this week; normally I’d have used this as an excuse to not get my runs in, but I’m happy to say I did pretty well checking them off my list 🙂

  • Monday – 12km LSD (maybe) and Greatist WOD –> skipped my run to watch Thor, but managed to do my WOD
  • Tuesday – 8km + strides and Greatist WOD –> ran 8km in the dark and it was amazing!
  • Wednesday – 5km steady –> no run 🙂 I met my mom and sister for dinner instead (fitting in with my healthy living philosophy!)
  • Thursday 13km slow/fast/slow and Greatist WOD –> no WOD, but did my run in the dark and I freaking loved it. Again!!
  • Friday – Greatist WOD –> off 🙂
  • Saturday – 8km steady –> off; did a Costco run and watched the UFC Fight instead of working out.
  • Sunday – 14.5km LSD –> finished a gorgeous (albeit chilly) run!

photo (1)My gorgeous scenery from my run this morning. I’ll brave the cold for views like this!

With the turn in the weather, it’ll definitely be more of a challenge to get my runs in (I basically stalk The Weather Network to try and plan my runs), and I did slack a bit on my WOD’s, so I’m hoping to do better this coming week.


Since I went to Costco for the first time in a loooong time this week, I picked up some goodies for my smoothies.


The two packages of spinach and bag of frozen fruit made enough smoothie packs for 2.5 weeks of breakfasts and I even have another bag of fruit in my freezer!



This week I had no freaking idea what to make for lunch, but thankfully I’m a bit of a food hoarder and had the ingredients for Cream Cheese Chicken Chili (thanks Janae for posting this recipe on your blog!) in my pantry, so I tossed those into my slow cooker.

Out of curiosity, I added up the cost per lunch of this (one batch makes 6 or 7 lunches) and it came out to $2.75 including the two chicken breasts. My new budget surely is loving inexpensive lunches!!


Again, more Costco goodies for snacks this week.


I picked up a bunch of trail mix (I’m not sure if I’m going to renew my membership, so I thought it best to stock up) and some Japanese oranges (not pictured) that’ll fuel me during the day when I get hungry.

I’m also trying our the LaraBars for pre-running fuel. Today I ate half before my run and half after and my stomach was fine.


I don’t have a solid dinner plan this week. I have some chicken tenders in my freezer and two bags of salad in my fridge, so I’ll likely top salads with chicken for a few dinners. I also have half a leftover Costco pizza (so good!) that’ll fuel me for a few dinners too.


The forecast looks like it’ll be pretty chilly again this week, so I’m sure I’ll have to be brave and fit in a few treadmill runs – dark and cold runs might be a bit too extreme for me!

Monday – Greatist WOD

Tuesday – 8km+ strides and Greatist WOD

Wednesday – off; I have a massage after work 🙂

Thursday – 4×1 mile repeats and Greatist WOD

Friday – Greatist WOD

Saturday– 8km steady OR rest

Sunday – 16km (4km steady/8km fast/4km steady)

Tell me: How is the weather where you are? Do you have a plan for this week? Are you a Costco fan?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Plan: Nov 17

  1. Love the smoothie packs. If only I had room in my packed freezer for those… With four people sharing one fridge, things get pretty packed. I am a HUGE Costco fan. Everything is so inexpensive, they let you return anything, and the food is all delish! I definitely think you should renew your membership ;).

  2. I seriously need a costco membership.. they have this bagged chipolte salad kit that is amazing to throw into a wrap for lunches. I usually try and have my lunches planned for the week but this weekend i dropped the ball. I am going to make some pumpkin gnocci and cauliflower alfredo for the week and buy some chicken tonight to add in.
    As for the runs/workouts i am going to follow the run keeper training plan but on the nights i don’t have that, i WILL be doing the p20 app on my phone. it is pretty intense.

      • I’ll get the brand name for you.. all i add to it is chicken and shredded cheese. 🙂
        I didn’t mind the super 7 one.. but i got sick of it pretty quickly, i couldn’t do it for my lunches

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