Friday Randomness

I'm Ange!

I’m super pumped to be the featured Runner of the Week on Forks to Feet today. 🙂 If you’re clicking over from there today, welcome! I’m so happy you took the time to stop by!


I’m feeling a little quirky today, so instead of my usual Friday Fave’s post, I thought I’d just ramble on (and on and on) instead 🙂


The super fun images I’ve been posting on my blog for the past few days are designed in Canva. I was looking for something idiot-proof because I am not a graphic designer and this is free (or $1/image if you’re fancy) and so far, I loves it!

It’s in Beta right now, so you’ll need to register and wait (I waited less than a week), but I say it’s worth it! Because you know, free and all.


About a month ago I lost a bra in my condo. My condo is 650 sq ft so I’m not entirely sure how I managed to lose a bra, but I found it Wednesday evening when Merlin was digging around in my closet looking for his toy mouse.

It was my favourite bra, so I’m pumped to have it back.

Sorry, no pictures.


I’m convinced the world would be a better place if everyone did the following:

  • ran
  • listened to awesome music while running
  • had a cat like Merlin who will hardcore cuddle and purr
  • took more naps
  • smiled

Seriously, this cat, y’all. Yesterday I received a text from my awesome concierge “Your cat is soooo cool!”. No joke. The stinker tricked her into playing with him when engineers were inspecting my unit. I’m pretty certain this cat could convert even the most avid cat-hater.

Related: this face

photo (65)


I’m ridiculously excited about the amount of sports on this weekend!

Saturday evening I plan on watching the UFC fight because I loves me some Georges St-Pierre. Like, it’s inappropriate.

I might have once said I wanted to lick the TV when watching him fight.


I totally did say it.

On top of UFC, there’s also Formula 1 and football (okay, CFL, not NFL). I think it’s safe to say my bum and the couch will be besties this weekend.

Well, besties after my 8km run on Saturday and my 14.5km run on Sunday, that is. Gotta stick to the training plan!


I updated my budget yesterday (midway through the month and all) and I’m so insanely happy to say that I’m on track. I even saw things I wanted and didn’t buy them.

Sure, that may be normal for people not like me, but my attitude before was “OMG winter running gear. I MUST BUY IT ALL NOW BECAUSE WHAT IF THERE’S NEVER WINTER RUNNING GEAR EVER AGAIN.”

And then I’d buy it.

And then there’d be more winter running gear.

Because, duh!


The little redesign I did on the blog yesterday has made me crazy happy.

I love it.

Did you notice my website is now instead of the WordPress address?

I feel like a grown up blogger now!


Top Posts This Week

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Link Love

Keeping it Real. via Ask Lauren Fleishman <– not only is she a runner and owner of Oiselle, but this post was awesomesauce.

The WSJ’s “Get Over It” Column, Translated via Runner’s World <– HILARIOUS. And probably true.

Runner’s World Pace Converter <– my RunKeeper program gives me my pace in min/mile, so I need to convert it and this is SO HELPFUL

Treadmill Pace Conversions <– for anyone stuck on a treadmill this winter, this chart gives you elevation and mph to simulate your outdoor pace (pace converter not needed as the treadmill is in miles and not kms)

Work it Out via Runner’s World <– I’m reading Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong right now and I keep having to put it down because it’s so powerful and emotional.

Running with Purpose: What’s Next? via rUnladylike

Must Read: “the war of art” via Jess Lively

I just solved all of your holiday problems via The T-Rex Runner (aka Danielle) <– if you’re looking to buy me something (and I know you are) here’s a good list 🙂

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie via Eat Live Run

50 Bloggers Making a Different in Fitness, Health and Happiness via Greatist <– is it too much to hope I might make this list one year?

Celebrate Others Without Comparison via delights & delectables

Fresh Herb and Gruyere Cheese Puffs via Joy the Baker <– ummm, yum!

Apple Pie Panini via Eat Live Run

Happy Friday, my friends!

Tell me: something that made your week awesome! Something quirky about you! Something you’re looking forward to this weekend.

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