My Thoughts on “Healthy Living”

I do have a Treat Yourself Tuesday post written, unfortunately it’s in the drafts folder of my laptop, and I’m at work, so I’m posting tomorrow’s post today and my Tuesday post on Wednesday. Long weekends mess with my brain.


This is a post that’s been brewing in the back of my mind for a while. I’ve resisted actually putting my thoughts down for a few reasons 1) I’m not even sure if this will make sense, 2) I don’t want to come across as ranty, and this might, and 3) I don’t like it when people are upset with me.

But, I’m over it now. After continually seeing articles about how people are doing it wrong or not being healthy enough I’m about to lose my ever-loving mind.

The headline that put me over the top?


Disclaimer: I didn’t read the article because I was too scared my head would explode.

I also muttered (silently) a number of profanities because….ugh!


What in the heck?!


Okay, sure, eating apple peel is healthier than not eating it, but if the only way you’re going to eat an apple is to peel it, then by all means peel the dang thing!

This whole, food-shaming-everyone-has-to-eat-perfectly trend is getting on my last freaking nerve.

How do I approach “healthy living”?


It’s all about balance.

Eat healthfully. Enjoy your food. Want a beer? Drink a beer (I do!). Want dessert? Eat dessert.

Exercise. Get your sweat on. Feeling tired? Take a rest day. Something ouchy? Take two.

Yes, I 100% agree that people should be aware of the nutritional value of foods consumed, so I say make choices that make you happy, but make informed choices. I know eating a salad is better for me than greasy pizza, but some days I want (or need, depending on the day) greasy pizza and beer. So I’m going to eat it. And not feel guilty.

Moving your body is better than not moving your body. But, sometimes stuff happens. Sometimes we get injured, sometimes work or family or friends take priority. That’s okay. A lot of times I’ll arrange my day so I workout right after work and will see friends later in the evening, around 7:30 or 8:00. If that doesn’t work? I’ll skip my workout. No big deal.

I’m tired of seeing so-call motivational posters convincing us we’re less-than if we skip a workout because we’re tired, or sore (OMG this was pisses me off so much! If you’re sore your body needs to HEAL and REST) or have a friend in town.

I’m constantly questioning if I’m truly tired or just feeling lazy. If I’m just feeling lazy, I’ll go workout and then I feel better and am glad I did it. Tired? I’m going to enjoy every freaking second of that rest day, thankyouverymuch!

I’m in no way trying to make anyone feel badly for being healthy, or motivating, or eating healthy. I just feel bombarded lately with messages that if we aren’t eating kale for every meal, or cutting out carbs (FYI – I’m pretty strongly against any diet that requires cutting out entire freaking food groups (unless you’ve been advised by your doc) because it’s the cool thing to do. Personally, I eat very few refined carbs, but I certainly don’t actively work to cut them out, I just don’t like sandwiches and prefer smoothies over oatmeal for breakfast so that reduces my carb/grain intake right there) or vegan, or paleo, or, or, or then we aren’t good enough.

We are all good enough.

That stuff just drives me batty.

No one is perfect.

No one should feel the need to eat perfectly or work out perfectly.

Life doesn’t work that way.

One of my personal mantras is “life’s too short”.

It can be applied in many a situation:

  • Life’s too short to not eat that cookie.
  • Life’s too short to drink crappy wine [as I dump a bad bottle down the drain]
  • Life’s too short to feel guilty for skipping a workout
  • Life’s too short to not drink that beer
  • Life’s too short to not see my friends

Now, I understand that for some people recovering from eating disorders involving fear foods, what I’ve written above isn’t quite so easy. I get it. I understand that; I’m not speaking to you. You’re on your own journey.

Actually, we’re all on our own journey.

We need to find what works best for us and do that.

Don’t worry about eating an apple wrong (seriously WTF?!), skipping the gym or enjoying a beer.

You do you, and I’ll do me.


Tell me: what is YOUR approach to healthy living? Do you feel you’ve found a good balance, or are you still working to find it?

25 thoughts on “My Thoughts on “Healthy Living”

  1. AMEN! I’m awful at balance, but I’m working on it. I can say that the all or nothing mindset will fail you every time. We’re human, and sometimes we need pizza and beer. 🙂

  2. SPOT ON! So what if I have a little ice cream after dinner every night? I work out, I enjoy eating fruits and veggies, and I manage my stress levels. In my eyes I’m not a failure. Just to spite that article (that I also didn’t read), I’m gonna peel apples and put some butter on my broccoli. So there, Popsugar! 😉

  3. I love you. And I love you again. And I love you so hard right now!!!

    I get REALLY tired of the judgmental “you’re a piece of shit if you’re not eating organic” bullshit. I get this a LOT at the office I work in. And I eat HEALTHY!!! No, I don’t always eat organics. And I eat JIF peanut butter that has HFCS in it, and I use really unhealthy coffee creamer in my coffee, because there are some things I’m unwilling to give up. 🙂

    Moderation in all things!

    • I call it ghetto peanut butter and you will pry that shit from my cold dead hands. I brough PB with me to my marathon because my dad only has the natural stuff and that was just not going to cut it the morning of. I’m also a fan of the bad for you coffee creamer. Meh. Whatever. I put a beet in my smoothie this morning so it totally balances it out.

  4. Oh, you KNOW I love this. I’m totally gonna do me, all day.

    Balance is a funny thing… We search for it and search, but you really only achieve balance when you let go and let your body tell you what it needs. Pretty amazing.


  5. I feel like I am getting there. There are some areas of healthy living where I am better than other but fine tuning it. In the end it is about being happy with who you are and your lifestyle. Again, balance I think it is the best way to achieve that. No point in being a stickler to like an uber healthy diet if in the end you are doing to be miserable. 🙂

  6. Yes so many yesses!! I agree, mostly i work out because it feels good and makes me happier with my self body image. the food i eat is good and tasty, baked zucchini for dinner? yes please! next night is pizza with a pop, yes please! it’s also about moderation too, make healthy informed decisions and eat it in moderation.

    • I’ve been drinking diet Dr Pepper like it’s going out of style. Seriously. Nearly every night. With rum, of course. So good!
      There’s something about winter that makes me want rum and Coke (or Dr Pepper in this case).

  7. OMG – a thousand times YES!!! I rarely post anything re food on the blog b/c quite frankly it’s not like I’m gorging on Mickey D’s every day. It’s all about balance. There are some days I’m into salads and fruit and others I want pasta. I just don’t have the time or energy to discern all of this healthy/clean mumbo jumbo. Moderation is key.

    • I am the most boring eater ever. Same breakfast and lunch every week. No one wants to see it.

      I was reading a blog the other day (Fueled by LOLZ) and she had a post wherein she talked about healthy eating and blog healthy eating. Because if you have a blog you HAVE to have a trend, or a fad or something when it comes to healthy eating, whereas normal people don’t do that and it really resonated with me. So many healthy living/eating blogs have weird food restrictions and it’s just….weird, and very much not normal.

  8. Random creeper chiming in to say that I absolutely love your attitude towards healthy living. If I am making the effort to take care of myself by eating healthy and exercising I shouldn’t be made to feel like I’m not doing enough (which I never really do, because I’m awesome). A lot of so-called healthy living motivation seems to be more about shaming people rather than cheering them on and I always love when I see people refusing to participate in that. Go you!

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