Weekly Plan: Nov 10

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Well, well,well, another week down!

This picture is from last week, but the view from my window is very similar. I woke up to the sound of snow being cleared from the grocery store parking lot at 6am this morning. It looks like Calgary has entered winter. Boo.

Let’s recap my workouts from last week and what actually happened:

  • Monday – REST –> Greatist WOD
  • Tuesday – 8km steady run; Nike + Training Club –> 5 miles on the treadmill and Greatist WOD
  • Wednesday – 5km steady + strides –> done and done!
  • Thursday – 8km steady; Nike + Training Club –> Greatist WOD
  • Friday – REST –> done and done!
  • Saturday – 8km steady; Nike + Training Club –> 8km steady; no cross training
  • Sunday – 12km LSD –> Rest. My knee has been bothering me a tad, and I wasn’t feeling a run in the snow, so today I’m resting my leg and might pick up the 12km tomorrow and will give Friday’s Greatist WOD a shot a bit later.


Anyone want to guess what I’ll be eating for breakfast this week? 😛

If you guessed smoothies, you’d be right! Since I picked up beets at the Farmer’s Market, I think I’m going to steam a few and see what happens (aside from red pee) when I add a beet to my morning smoothie. They’re supposed to be good for recovery and inflammation and with my knee bothering me, I figure it can’t hurt!

I picked up a new protein/vitamin supplement last week and while I don’t quite like the taste as much as VegaOne, it’s really not terrible, has higher vitamin levels and 27g of protein instead of 15g of protein in VegaOne.

For anyone curious, I picked it up at GNC and it’s called Progessive VegEssential.


I was able to get my errands out of the way yesterday before the snow fell, so I made a stop at the Farmer’s Market and grabbed apples (Ambrosia and Pink Lady), zucchini, spaghetti squash, beets, bananas and sweet potatoes. Lunches will consist of a baked sweet potato topped with 3/4c of 1% cottage cheese and salsa.

I know my lunches haven’t been overly creative lately, but it’s nice to just be able to grab and go with breakfasts and lunches and not think too much!


I plan on using up the remainder of my trail mix continuing with trail mix at my 10:30 snack and having an apple and cheese (Ambrosia, the Pink Ladies are tart! I’ll be making apple sauce with them tomorrow) for my afternoon snack.


I’ve had a lot of luck with not planning my dinners 100%, so I plan on continuing that. I have some stuffed chicken breasts, chicken tenders, frozen veg, zucchini, carrots, beets and spaghetti squash in my fridge, along with a dozen eggs, so I’ll be combining those items as needed to create dinners.

I also have a couple of frozen pizzas which I might break out over the weekend.

Saturday I’m hoping to go to a bar to watch the UFC fight, so beer and fried food will most likely be consumed 🙂


Monday – 12km LSD (maybe) and Greatist WOD

Tuesday – 8km + strides and Greatist WOD

Wednesday – 5km steady

Thursday 13km slow/fast/slow and Greatist WOD

Friday – Greatist WOD

Saturday – 8km steady

Sunday – 14.5km LSD

All running workouts are pending my right knee feeling okay. I’ve been resting and icing it and my chiropractor worked it yesterday as well. It’s likely from being a little too enthusiastic when performing squats and lunches, so I’m going to keep icing, resting and being careful in my cross training.

If you haven’t discovered Greatist.com – I highly recommend checking it out! The workouts take me less than 30 minutes to complete and I’m always sweating during the workout! I’m really happy I can fit them in after a run (and before foam rolling!) without using up my entire evening!

Tell me: how was your weekend? Do you have a plan for the week?

Reminder: Part 2 of the yoga challenge starts tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Plan: Nov 10

    • I tried beets in my smoothie this morning and I couldn’t even taste them! It made it a pretty red colour (and I was terrified of staining my clothes/carpet) but that’s it. 😀

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