Did I just say “Ultra”?

On Tuesday of this week I received an email from the Calgary Marathon promoting their marathon events for 2014.



I was originally super excited to hear about the different decades that would be celebrated throughout the marathon course for the 50th Anniversary of the race. Which, by the way, is also Canada’s longest running road race. Well, how about that?! Way to go, Calgary!

As I was reading through the site, a name caught my eye, Dean Karnazes. Huh. That’s a pretty spiffy runner to be in town.

As I continued to read, I learned there’s a 50km Ultra marathon being held this one time for the 50th anniversary of the race.

My thought pattern went something like this:

50km is pretty far.

But, really, adding 8km on top of 42.2km can’t be that bad. Can it?!

We get a beer stein and a belt buckle?! <– I mean really, the belt buckle pretty much seals the deal!

AND we get a 42.2km time?!

No. I couldn’t. That would be crazy.

Well. Maybe I can.

With a 6.5 hour timelimit I could totally run 42.2km and walk the rest. Right?!

Dangit, I’m totally doing it.

My awesome pal Krissie even texted me about the race and she had an awesome thought regarding the Ultra. Since I’ve only done one marathon, my body isn’t used to stopping at the 42.2km (or 26.6 mile, if you’re American) mark, so the muscle memory would be there.

(As an aside, the entire time I was swimming, I primarily swam in a “short course” or 25m, length pool. The few times I’d swim in a “long course”, or 50m, pool my muscle memory would start anticipating the wall at about 20m, when I was really only just halfway down the pool! Muscle memory is a pretty amazing thing!).

Running this would likely mean my sub-4 hour marathon goal would be moved from Spring 2014 to Fall 2014, but I’m okay with that considering this 50k is a once in, well, 50 year opportunity!

I realize this is a crazy insane idea and it’ll take a lot of miles and time and lost weekends to do, but how cool would it be to say I’m an ultra marathoner?!

I did the Calgary Half Marathon back in 2011 before the start a finish was moved to Stampede and I’m a huge fan of Stampede. I love it so much and I’m pretty dang sure I might tear up (ha! I tear up at every race!) running through Stampede park 🙂

I haven’t registered……yet, but I might have already marked it on my calendar, and I’m researching training plans as I need one that’ll fit in with my 1:55 half marathon goal for February and then allow me to amp the mileage for the 14 weeks before the 50k.

It’s okay for you to shake your head and roll your eyes at my insanity, I’m doing it to me too!



Tell me: what’s the farthest distance you’d consider running?

12 thoughts on “Did I just say “Ultra”?

    • What a neat idea to run to celebrate the New Year!

      There’s a NYE run here called the Resolution Run, but I’m too chicken to sign up because it’s so COLD in December!

  1. Doooo it! I never thought I’d do a 10K or a half marathon. I think I’ll say my longest distance will be the the half, but who knows!

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