Treat Yourself Tuesday


Happy Tuesday my wonderful friends!

I have a great story as part of Treat Yourself Tuesday this week.

On Friday I headed to a department store to purchase a new more fall/winter perfume with a gift card I still had. I’d been having a bit of a downer week (I’m blaming the snow!) and this trip just cheered me right up!

I picked up Dot by Marc Jacobs as my perfume.

photo (96)

I have quite the love affair with Marc Jacobs perfumes, as you can see…

photo (97)

Anyway, I used my gift card to buy the perfume and received a free mini bottle of nail polish (not pictured because I already have this shade so it’ll become a Christmas gift instead) and another gift card worth 15% of my purchase!

Just those two little things made my day especially happy.

I’m learning that more and more it’s the little things that help improve my days: a nice cup of tea, a nap with my cat, or a smile from a stranger.

Tell me: have you treated yourself this week?

Once again, a big thanks to Becky for hosting! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. Mexican food and Margaritas!!!!! Tonight is girls’ night out with old friends. It’s a treat, especially for someone who has counted every calorie for MONTHS! Momma needs a margarita!

      • This falls firmly into my “life’s too short” category. Life is FAR too short to deny myself Mexican and margaritas! Maybe not every week, but if I want ’em, I’m gonna eat them.
        (I was going to add “YOLO” but it made me want to punch myself in the face).

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