Planning for 2014

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled programming of talking about running instead of ranting 🙂

As of now, I only have two races (okay, technically three) that I’m 100% committed for in 2014, and I’m starting to think of what else I should run in 2014.


The two races I’m 100% doing are the Glass Slipper Challenge (10k Saturday followed by half marathon on Sunday) in February in Disney World (man I’m going to LOVE getting away from the cold for a few days) and SeaWheeze in August (notice how registration hasn’t opened yet and I’m doing it?!) (PS – any of my lovely friends who want to do it – registration opens January 23 and I’ll be there! How can you not want to sign up?!).


So, the question is, what else do I run in 2014?

Originally I was thinking of running the Half Corked Marathon (which is actually only 17km) (mini rant: if it is not 42.2km it is not a marathon and should not be called as such! What. The. Heck!) in May, but it’s the same weekend as the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (and, apparently 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the race!).

Before I started thinking about Half Corked, I was thinking of running the 10km in the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon since it will be right before hardcore SeaWheeze training and would be a good indicator of my half marathon time (Note to my friendlies running SeaWheeze – considering signing up for a 10k in May!) but now things are totally moving around.

scotiabank marathon

Since I’m pretty dang confident I can break 4 hours in a marathon and this race lines up nicely after my half in February I’m seriously considering running it. The good thing is this race isn’t likely to sell out, so I have tons of time to make my decision (unlike SeaWheeze and the Glass Slipper Challenge!).

The Glass Slipper Challenge and (potential) marathon in May will cover my spring running and it’s unlikely I’ll run a race before SeaWheeze in August, so this brings me to the fall……What the heck do I run in fall 2014?!

There are a number of possibilities, and I’m just not sure what one to pick:

All of these races fall between mid and late October, so I have to pick one, and, in the case of the Nike Women’s and ING NYC races, have to cross my fingers for being selected from a draw. (A friend of mine is tentatively planning to run the Nike Women’s full, so I might have to convince her to let me register as part of her group so I’ll know someone there!…hint, hint, Michelle!).

Of the four races above, the BMO Okanagan is the one I’m least likely to do, I’ve done the half twice and while I love Kelowna, I’d also love to try something new, but if none of the above work out, it’s also easy to get to and I have a place to stay (thanks, Dad!) so I think it’ll be my fallback race.

Help me: what fall race would YOU pick and why?

Tell me: what do you have scheduled for 2014?

15 thoughts on “Planning for 2014

  1. I’m registering myself for the NYC Marathon lottery once that’s available. It’s crazy, but it would be such an amazing experience and challenge (if I gain entry!)

    • !!!!!!!
      Okay, go here and enter TODAY: they’re drawing 44 names before the end of November for the lottery.
      I can’t decide if I should lottery it, or charity run for a guaranteed spot, especially since they’re getting rid of the 3 year guaranteed entry rule after 2014 😦
      PS – It’s Sara running it in 2014; we could run with our firekitty!

      • I entered earlier! Fingers crossed! They’re drawing 22 tomorrow, then 22 at the end of the month.

        I have to look into what the charity spot entails.

        This is such a lofty goal of mine. However, being in my hometown and accomplishing such a goal would just be the most amazing thing. Especially after we conquer the Glass Slipper Challenge in Feb.!

      • I entered yesterday!
        I think the chances of my name actually being drawn are slim-to-none, but still!
        I firmly believe ANYONE can run a marathon. You just need to train and run at the right pace for YOU.
        I really love converting people to running 🙂 Heh.

  2. I agree. I mean, I’ve been running for almost two years now. Time to challenge myself a bit more and plan some future goals for myself!

  3. Love your list! I’m planning my 2014 races like crazy right now – I’m trying to run 26 races while I’m 26! And something I didn’t consider when I first thought of this was that desert + summer + running don’t mix, so I think I will be visiting some fun places to run some races! I would love to run the NYCM, its where I’m from and it would be such a fun way to see the city! I’ve volunteered at it in the past, knowing that I would want to run it one day, and honestly, I had a GREAT time! Nike Women’s in SF is on my list as well!

    • Right now I’m dealing with winter in Calgary. It’s already snowy and icy, and by the time I get home from work at 5:15 it’s starting to get dark. Weather – what a pain!
      My first time in NYC was last December, and I didn’t see a whole lot as it was a pretty quick trip, but I think running through it would just be so cool.

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