Plan for the Week: Nov 3

photo (90)

Doesn’t that picture just make you shiver?

That’s what it looked like from my balcony on Saturday morning – it appears winter has arrived in Calgary. Brrrrrr!

First things first, let’s recap my workouts from last week. Here’s what I managed to do:

  • Monday – cross training (minimum 45 minutes of Nike + Training Club) – CHECK!
  • Tuesday – 6k run – I only made it about 3km. I felt pretty crappy and could tell my shoes were on their last legs, so it wasn’t the best, but these things happen.
  • Wednesday – cross training (minimum 45 minutes of Nike + Training Club) – REST!
  • Thursday – 10k run – REST!
  • Friday – off – 6km run with burpees and day one of the yoga challenge
  • Saturday – 10km run – no run, just burpees and day two of the yoga challenge.
  • Sunday – cross training (minimum 45 minutes of Nike + Training Club) – cross training with burpees and yoga challenge.

While I didn’t get in all the workouts I had planned, I could tell after my run on Tuesday my body needed a break for a few days. My glutes were super tight and sore, so I spent Wednesday and Thursday stretching and rolling and my run on Friday (outside with no snow!) felt wonderful.

Okey doke, so here’s my plan for this week.


Since I’m a creature of habit, I’ll be making my shakes. Again. For the third week in a row.

I’m okay with it. I like knowing my day is off to a super healthy start!

(However, I do have a bit of a dilemma on what to do regarding my VegaOne powder, you can read here and here if you want more info, and I’ll be posting more tomorrow on this subject).


With the snow on Saturday, it was an easy decision to pull out my crock pot and whip up a batch of Cream Cheese Chicken Chili. I ate some for dinner on Saturday and the rest will be lunches for the week. I cooked up some ancient grains rice and serve over top. So yummy!


Per usual, it’ll be trail mix and apples with cheese for snacks. I bought grocery store apples instead of Farmer’s Market apples and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m really hoping I’m not disappointed in them.




Really, cooking for one kinda sucks. I either make too much and waste food, or eat super lame food. Since I’m trying really hard to stick with my budget – lame food it is! I’m sure omelets, chicken or salmon with veggies and a meat pie or two will make an appearance at some point during the week.


After a break from super scheduled exercise, my half marathon training program starts on Tuesday, so my challenges will be 1) getting my butt outside in the snow/running on the treadmill and 2) fitting in the necessary cross training.

  • Monday – REST
  • Tuesday – 8km steady run; Nike + Training Club
  • Wednesday – 5km steady + strides
  • Thursday – 8km steady; Nike + Training Club
  • Friday – REST
  • Saturday – 8km steady; Nike + Training Club
  • Sunday – 12km LSD

Although not specifically included here, I’ll also be doing my yoga challenge each day (yes, even on rest days).

Part two of the yoga challenge will be posted later this week (part 2 will start on November 11) and I’m working on a video of me instead of the awful YouTube video. However, you’ll have to let me know if I’m actually better than the YouTube video 😛

Tell me: What’s your plan for the week?

7 thoughts on “Plan for the Week: Nov 3

  1. Wow, the whole Vega thing freaks me out! They have lost major credibility with me by not recalling the contaminated products and refusing to offer refunds for products with lot numbers that we not contaminated (or so they say). Too bad, loved their products – but, I’m done. So not worth the risk to me, no matter how ‘small’.

    • Kerrie, that’s what I’m leaning toward as well. Why not just recall the products first and THEN address the issue? I think doing that would have won over a lot of people.

  2. Do you have another powder that you use? Vega fit all my requirements – no gluten, soy or dairy and no sugar added. And, I actually liked the taste! Makes me sad…

  3. I have the Greens+ daily detox currently. My naturopath recommends switching up the Greens formulas after each tub since they have herbs that your body can get used to and then they are not as effective. I will have to see if she has another recommendation – she liked the Vega products for me too – and they tested well for me. I will let you know what she says!

    • Yes, I’d love to hear what your naturopath recommends instead of Vega. I felt so good on the Vega supplements too – my recovery time after working out was amazing!

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