The Importance of Kindness

Happy Saturday evening, friends!

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying day one of the weekend (and looking forward to an extra hour of sleep – or partying – tonight!).

Last January when I was looking for a place to move into, the pickings were pretty slim. Not many people want to move in the winter, so there aren’t many leases available for February 1. To complicate matters, I was leaving on January 13 to spend three weeks in Yellowknife, so I needed to have my living arrangements cemented prior to that. As soon as I found a nice (and new!) condo downtown, I snapped it up.

Well. Unbeknownst to me (and everyone else living here) the building has been plagued with problems. In early January (right before I signed my lease!) there was a flood in the building affecting a number of floors. In early October (before work was completed on the original flood) there was another flood, affecting five floors (thankfully my floor was not affected!).

Throughout all of this our concierge has been wonderful.

My first interaction with her was when I was on my way home from SeaWheeze. I was in the Vancouver airport waiting for my flight and I received a text from her letting me know I had a package, and did I want to pick it up from her, or should she put it in my unit. (Seriously!).

I was floored!

The previous building I was in also had a concierge, but we were lucky if we were able to connect with her during the 10-6 hours she worked (I’m pretty certain she left at 4:30 every day) and she wasn’t super personable.

Since August, my (new!) concierge sends me a text any time I have a package. I usually pick them up from her because I feel like asking her to go up 23 floors when I arrive home at 5:15 daily is unnecessary. On top of the amazing package service, she always goes out of her way to greet people in the building. There’s a bag of dog treats in her desk for the dogs that live in the building, and she’s taken the time to learn the names of everyone. If she sees  someone coming into the building, she’ll open the door rather than watch us fumble for our keys while carrying groceries; she’ll also wave and smile if she’s involved in a conversation when I come home.

These little things aren’t necessarily part of her job description. She’d be able to meet the requirements of her job by delivering packages and dealing with the day to day of having trades fixing the floods in the building (which will probably be ongoing for a loooong time). However, she chooses to go above and beyond.

To me, those little things make a huge difference. A smile, a wave, saying “hi”. They take mere seconds, and I’m sure more days than just mine have been improved by going the extra mile.

Seeing how her kindness has improved my day, I’m committing to going the extra mile in my life: to say “hi” more, to smile more, to send a text to a friend just to make sure they’re having a good day.

Tell me: how can you make one small change to improve someone’s day?

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Kindness

  1. Hey me too! It really does make a difference, and not only that, but I find when I try to be kind to others, it actually ends up making ME feel pretty great too.

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