Friday Faves

Friends, guess what?!

We made it to Friday. Hooray!

I’m linking up with Heather again for some of my Friday Faves for this past week.

Housewife Glamour

I hope no one is feeling too poorly after Halloween yesterday. Since I’m in a condo I didn’t buy candy to hand out, which also means, I didn’t buy any Halloween candy. So strange!

Here are a few of the things that made my week.

My Lunches

Lame right? But they were so good! All week I brought a baked sweet potato and topped it with 3/4c of cottage cheese and salsa and it was delicious!

No, you don’t get a picture because it looks gross, but tastes delicious and that’s really all that matters.

Chick’d Contest


I am a huge fan of anything that promotes women lifting up other women, and this contest does just that. Just seeing it out there made me full of happy!

ING NYC Marathon


Okay, so the ING NYC Marathon isn’t actually happening until Sunday, but I’m already excited for it. I even found a way to watch online. I plan on hooking my computer up to my TV and chilling and watching on Sunday.

This race is totally on my bucket list, so I just have to figure out when I can go an do it!


I was really looking forward to watching Ryan Hall hopefully WIN the marathon and I’m bummed he had to pull out (TWSS?). Also, Asics were my shoe of choice before finding my Netwon’s so we’re totally connected 😛

And, one thing that I’m not loving this weekend.

I have zero plans. Being a bit of an introvert, I’m usually okay with minimal plans, but I want to socialize this weekend. It seems I left making plans with my lovely friends a bit too long. Whoops!


Looks like it just me and my cat for the weekend. 😛

This Katy Perry Song

I didn’t want to leave on a downer note, so I’m including this song. I can connect with it so much. Love.

Links I’m Loving This Week

Model Robyn Lawley speaks out on “thigh gap” criticism from pro-Ana groups via Celebitchy (this is awesome! I love reading about people in the public eye who believe in a strong body and not fitting into a certain mold).

A Big Butt is a Healthy Butt: Women with Big Butts are Smarter and Healthier via Elite Daily (heck yeah!)

The 37 Happiest Things You’ll See While Running a Marathon via Buzzfeed (I didn’t cry. Probably)

Adam Levine is the Definition of a “Hot Douche” via Buzzfeed

New York City Marathon by the Numbers via ESPN Sports

Five Things Friday {11.1.13} via Fitting it All In (I was going to link to six or seven of the links shared by Clare, but then I figured I’d just link to the post and make y’all clikc over. Seriously CLICK OVER!)

I’m Finally Thin But is Living in a Crazymaking Food Prison Really Worth It? –> EVERYONE NEEDS to read this!

20 Marriage Tips Everyone Needs to Know

The “This Day Sucks” to-do List via The Small Change Project

Must Have Products to Keep Portions Under Control via FitSugar

Strive for Progress, not Perfection: The In-Between via Olive to Run

Because She Deserves It: 8 Cute Marathon Gifts via FitSugar

All Calories Are Not Created Equal via Your Trainer Paige (really interesting read!)

Try This Tuesday – Explore the Familiar via The Small Change Project

Why You Should Change The Story You’re Currently Living via Storyline Blog

Repost – Sorry I’m Not Sorry via Jessie Loves to Run

What’s So Wrong With Being High Maintenance via Storyline Blog

Tell me: What have you been loving this week?

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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