Treat Yourself Tuesday #treatyourselftuesday


Well, well, well, another Tuesday rears its head.

Once again, thanks to Becky for being a super awesome host and reminding us to take time out of the day to day to honour ourselves.

Last week I treated myself to something super awesome – some running gear! When I was out of town for my marathon Oiselle had a promotion for 26.2% off any order. Since I’d been stalking their webpage for the previous week, this felt like an excellent time to place and order and my goodies arrived last Tuesday.

I didn’t waste anytime tearing into my box.

photo (81) 

I really love it when I open a package and can see the care and attention that went into putting it together. My shipment included a postcard, sticker, temporary tattoo and a button as little extras. Loved it!

photo (86) Rundies.

Running underwear. Genius, right?!

I prefer synthetic underwear, not cotton, when running, so these will be non-running cute underwear.

Sorry, no pictures of me wearing them for y’all. I may over share, but I think taking pictures of my bum might be crossing the line 😛

photo (82)

Next up are two awesome tops. One is a running top and the other is just for fun. I pretty much had to buy a 26.2 shirt after running a marathon, I think it’s a rule or something 🙂

photo (84)

photo (85) 

I’m in LOVE with this Flyte shirt. I’ve been pretty vocal of my love for Lululemon running gear, but I’m pretty sure this may have taken over first place as my favourite long-sleeved running top. This is also available in grey and coral and I’ll be ordering them as soon as I’ve saved up some monies for a purchase!

I saw a sneak peek of a green Flyte shirt on the Oiselle Instagram account over the weekend and nearly died.

photo (83) I’m definitely loving the casual cuteness of the 26.2 shirt.

I’m absolutely pumped about my treat this week.

Tell me, how have you treated yourself this week?

6 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday #treatyourselftuesday

  1. Running undies! Love them! I am going to have to order some! I treated myself by just allowing myself to recover after getting a flu shot…which made me feel like a had the flu for a few days. So glad I found your blog!

  2. Rundies!!! Ahahahah – I love it! I actually only wear fitness gear that I don’t have to wear ‘roos when I run 😉 TMI? Hehe… And I love the 26.2 top – When I get my first marathon in, I’m definitely going to buy all of the 26.2 gear I can get my hands on!

    • I’ll see your TMI and raise you mine 😉

      I used to go ‘roo-less when running in capris, but then there was an, erm, chaffing issue, so the ‘roo came back. With shorts, if there isn’t a built in gusset, I don’t purchase them.

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