Realistic Inspirational Posters

We’ve all seen them, those inspirational posts all over Pinterest telling us that if we don’t give it our all and ever give up then we’re doing it wrong.


I disagree.

And so does my pal, Holli.

(source for all images)

Tell me: if you had to write a realistic inspiration poster, what would it say?

Mine: shut up and eat the damn cookie; just not the whole box. Probably.

13 thoughts on “Realistic Inspirational Posters

    • I cannot take credit for thinking of them, just for sharing them with the world 🙂

      “No Tough Mudder is more important than root beer floats, naps and Breaking Bad”.

  1. Haha! I like these. So true. We look at all the posters and feel bad when we should feel good no matter what we are doing. Great post! My realistic poster would be something like “eat whatever you want and exercise whenever you want”.. that’s the best I could come up with 🙂

    • I LOVE the 10 minute rule. Whenever I don’t want to get outside and run, I decide to do it for 10 minutes – I usually keep going, with the exception of yesterday. That run sucked.

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