Thursday Things

Happy Thursday, friends!

Only one more day to get through until the weekend! YIPPEE!

Since I’ve been in a conference all week I haven’t had time to polish off the running post scheduled for today, so you’re stuck with some Thursday randomness instead 🙂

Since becoming an IDEA Inspired Blogger, I know I have some new readers, so I wanted to share some little know fun facts about me.

1. I’ve had the chicken pox twice.

The first time I contracted the chicken pox I was 4 – and I’m fairly certain it was Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day mom! I’ve got itchy spots. The second time, I was 10 and I caught them from my sister. Chicken pox at 10 is FAR worse than at 4. I caught them right before the start of school, so I missed the first week and my school picture shows some left over scabs from the ‘pox.  Thankfully, at that point, I didn’t yet have my glasses or braces, otherwise I probably would have scared small children.

2. I’ve broken both my elbows.

I broke my right elbow when I was 9 falling off the monkey bars. I was doing a “baby drop” with a friend and fell, landing with my arm under my body. The docs fixed my arm with an external pin and a massive cast – I was in the hospital from Tues-Thurs (I believe) without food. Thanks, surgery. The second, I broke my left elbow when walking to my car. I slipped on the ice in the winter and fell backwards on my left elbow. I was talking to my boyfriend at the time and thought I just hit my funny bone really, really hard. Well, it turns out I couldn’t straighten my arm because of where I broke it. I spent Weds-Sat in the hospital and this one is held together with two pins and some wire. Sadly, I do not set off security detectors at the airport 😦

3. I talk to my cat

As in, have full-blown conversations with him. No joke. I’m a little concerned about it, but not concerned enough to stop talking to him.

4. I’m becoming an even bigger introvert.

The longer I live alone, the bigger introvert I become. The conference I’m attending had mixer nights on Tuesday and Wednesday and I skipped them both in favour of working out and chilling on the couch. There was free booze there, but I don’t regret not going. I may even skip the mixer tonight too. After reading Quiet (review coming!) I’m more and more okay with my introvert ways and like that I can recognize why a day at a conference tires me out.

5. My bedtime is 10pm.

A few weeks ago I had a couple of nights where I stayed up until 11pm. That was way too late for me. I like my sleep, I’m an 8 hours of sleep kinda gal.

6. I used to hate running.

I grew up swimming and when I was 16 started attending a sports class with my dad twice a week. In the spring/summer we used to run a 1km lap outside and I HATED it. I never would have believed I’d now call myself a runner.

7. I have a ridiculous wine collection.

It’s….problematic. I buy more than I drink, but I love wine tastings and I always feel like a bit of a jerk if I don’t buy anything. Plus: wine! My sister has 14 bottles to bring to me next month as she passes through on her way to Costa Rica. I’m jealous of her trip! I’m also excited to have my wine! 🙂

8. I’m obsessed with learning sciency things.

I’m an accountant, so I’m definitely not a scientist at all, but I LOVE learning how things work, especially related to exercise physiology. I think learning how and why my body works in a certain way is absolutely fascinating. I actually considered a kinesiology or sports psychology degree until I realized I’d probably never make enough money. So now it’s a hobby for me and I love it.

9. I once moved 5 times in 18 months.

And and seven times in a three-year period. This explains why I absolutely despise moving. This is really something I did because I was in my early 20’s and, well, that’s what you do 🙂

10. Until my cats, all my pets were named after their colour

When I was four I got my first hamster and named him Foxy because he was white and red, like a fox. After Foxy came Sandy because she had a lighter, sand colour with the white markings. For Christmas one year I got a rabbit, which I logically named Checkers (after Moo was vetoed) due to his black and white colouring. A while later I got two lion head rabbits and, obviously, named them Simba and Nahla. Thankfully I grew out of the “naming my pets after colours” at 28!

Those are my weird and random facts……Tell me a random fact about you!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m with you on the introvert, wine and going to bed at 10pm things, I think the first two are signs that you live alone!
    Weird and random things about me? I’m a big fan of castles, the more ruined the better. I rank holidays on how many castles I get to see (my last holiday was a 4 castle holiday!).I currently have 5 different types of gin in the house so I can have different tasting G&T’s depending on my mood and that’s quite restrained it’s been as high a 12 types before now. No pets but six godchildren, including 2 sets of twins, and a nephew, I’m pretty sure that no-one else is going to ask me but I’m refusing all requests from here on in.

    • I’m not a bit gin fan, but would love to learn more about it! I have one bottle and will only drink it was one type of tonic because I find it to be too strong sometimes.
      Wow, six godchildren?! That’s amazing!

  2. I dance with one dog (he hates it) and i have used my other dog as a ten lb weight when doing squats. Poor thing had no clue what to do.

    I too love wine but i usually only buy a bottle at a time.
    I as well used to HATE running.
    Bed by ten is a given and i had chicken pox at 7 while on vacation in Montreal, both brother had it for the week long drive home. sorry mom!

    • Haha! I’m laughing at dancing and using your dog as weights.
      Merlin was giving me the craziest looks this week when I was doing squats and lunges in the living room.

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