Treat Yourself Tuesday


Or, as Carly calls it Treat Yo’Self Tuesday 🙂


Moving on…….

I’m going to cover the period from my marathon until today – that’s a lot of treating, y’all! (If you want to see how I treated myself right before my marathon [are y’all sick of hearing about my marathon yet?!] check out this post).

Through the work I did while reading Money: A Love Story, I learned I get great value out of buying home comfort items (and not so much clothing items). Last week I went to visit a dear friend and see her 8 week old baby. On my way there I stopped at Chapters and found some great home items – and they were on sale!

First up was a new bathrobe/housecoat/whatever.

photo (55)

Yup, that’s a Christmas box there.

Nope, I didn’t care one bit. This robe is so so cozy and warm.

I was wearig it last week and had to roll up the sleeves because I was too warm! Now that’s a problem I like to have 🙂

Even better? The original price on this was $79 and it was marked down to $39. Hooray for saving monies!

Next up is a nice cozy blanket.

photo (60)

I remember seeing these in Chapters last year and I was totally kicking myself for not buying one, so when I saw them this year I had to.

You’ll notice if you squint you’ll see the pricetag is $80. Friends, I did not pay $80 for a blanket, I paid $35. These were “on sale” if you made a $50 purchase, and, well, I did!

Even more monies saved!

If you follow me on Instagram (also known as the place where I basically just post pictures and videos of my cat) you’ll have seen this next purchase.

photo (56)

A cozy warm hot water bottle.

Merlin decided he needed to kill it when I brought it home – and the video was posted there (with spelling errors, of course).

(Sadly, the waterbottle was not on sale).

However, my last purchase from Chapters was online!

photo (59)

Two new notebooks!

Chapters recently started carrying Poppin items and I think they’re adorable and crazy expensive, so when I saw these were marked down by half, I picked up two, because that’s what you do when items are half off, right?!

I have a notebook at work and at home now.

Love ’em.

Tell me, how have you treated yourself this week?

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