Why do I think stupid $h!t when running?

Today, after six days off from running (and, really, any kind of exercise) I decided it was time to head out for a run and see how my body was feeling after my race.

I didn’t have a pace goal, as I’m not training for anything right now, I really just wanted to get out and do something good for my body.

Before my run I also picked up two pairs of training shoes (not running shoes for once!). SportCheck was offering buy one get one 50% off so I picked up two pairs of shoes to use for my strength training workouts. (Canadians, this deal is on until Tuesday, so if you’re in need of some reduced price shoes, hit it up!).

photo (77)

Aren’t they pretty?! The black ones are Asics Gel Craze Trainers and the pink ones are Reebok Pink Ribbon Zigtech shoes.

Before heading out for my run, I put my shoes, yoga mat and water out so I could easily transition to the cross training I’ve been skipping out on.

photo (79) Okay, so back to my run.

It was on a run I decided to sign up and start training for a marathon, so it seems logical that on a another run, I’d also have crazy thoughts, like running more marathons.

Right now I’m tentatively planning on running the Calgary Marathon in May. This is about 10 weeks after my half marathon in February, so I should have time to recover and train for this race. I’m also pretty confident that if training and the race go well, I can run a sub-4 hour marathon. So, this thinking lead me to thinking about Boston. A BQ for my age group is a 3:35:00 marathon. Knowing that people needed to be within 1:37 of their qualifying standard to run the Boston 2014 race, this brings my marathon time down to roughly a 3:30:00 marathon.

So, my thought pattern is now considering running to quality for Boston 2016.

Which is, well, crazy. Insane.

Is it doable? I really have no idea. But I do know I can be faster than I was, so I’m going to keep this nugget in my back pocket and see how my next marathon goes.

What’s the craziest thought you’ve ever had while running?

2 thoughts on “Why do I think stupid $h!t when running?

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