Friday Fun

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High-five friends!

We made it through another week and the weekend is here!

I really shouldn’t complain too much about my week since I had Monday and Tuesday off so I only worked three days, yet I still found myself looking forward to Friday.

Since a bunch of my favourite shows are on on Thursdays I find Thursday to be a pretty awesome day as well! For some reason I like to pair my favourite shows with a yummy dinner on Thursday, so I whipped up this pasta and served it with a side salad and some wine (half a bottle of wine each, to be exact). Fall perfection. (Thanks Heather for the pasta suggestion!)

I’m thinking of tossing on my running gear for a short and easy run after work today. I’ve been taking it easy since my race on Sunday and have been feeling really good, so I think it might be time to get a little bit of exercise in and see how my body really feels!

I thought I’d really enjoy three weeks of no running, but I miss it already! Heck, I’m even starting to think about when I want to run my next marathon. Oh my. Runners are crazy!

(I’m maybe kinda thinking of running the Calgary Full in May and might have signed up for a RunKeeper plan for that race. Maybe.)

Since this has been a short week for me, and I’ve barely been home, I don’t have much else on the go, so I’ll let y’all dive right into some links I loved this week.

Links I’m Loving This Week

I’m constantly marking things with the little heart in Bloglovin’ and I thought it would be fun to start sharing what I’ve read and loved. Sometimes it’s fitness based, sometimes it’s just silly.

17 Mid-Run Snacks to Improve Your Marathon via Greatist

7 Stress Busters via delights and delictables

The Best Cat GIFs Post in the History of Cat GIFs via Buzzfeed

9 Ways Halloween is Different After College via Buzzfeed

Marathon Prep: Foam Roller Exercises via FitSugar

If Instagram was Honest via Snack Therapy

Crockpot Fajita Stew via Olives ‘n Wine

Crockpot Cream Chicken Tortilla Stew via Eat Live Run

Masking Issues with Macros via Healthy Helper (this is really interesting on the issue of counting macronutrients, something I wasn’t aware of)

The Last Place Marathon Runner via Greatist (cue the tears)

A Numbers Game via Snack Therapy

The Science Behind Why we Binge via Greatist

T-Rex Exposed via The T-Rex Runner

What are some links you’ve loved this week?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

I have a solid plan to sleep in tomorrow, do some strength training and clean. I lead an exciting life, y’all!

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