I’m sorry, how many calories are in that?!

Since I was gone for five days and haven’t yet had a chance to go grocery shopping since returning from running my marathon, I decided to pop into the cafeteria at work to grab a salad for lunch.

(I actually completely forgot we even had a cafeteria at work until yesterday – and I love that it has a salad bar!).

After I fixed up my salad I took a quick peek in the cooler and noticed this awesome looking container.

photo (52)

Hummus and pretzels – pretty much the perfect afternoon snack, right?!



Once I got up to my office (yes, I eat at my desk. yes, I know it’s a bad habit) I ended up looking at the nutrition label.

photo (53)

Shut the front door!

370 calories and 19g of fat?!

For a meal maybe, but not a snack!

I still don’t count calories, but I certainly like to be aware of what I’m putting in my body, and I think this is a perfect example of not knowing the calorie content of some foods.

I grabbed this assuming the calorie content would be in the 150-200 calorie range – just where I prefer it to be for a snack. Enough to fill me up a bit, but not make me full.

Considering my breakfast and lunches tend to be in the 300-400 calorie range, this definitely falls into the “meal” column for me and is certainly not a snack.

The packaging of this was super attractive and even managed to suck me in.

Heck, if I’m going to eat 370 calories in an afternoon, I’m going to use it for something good, like a pumpkin cookie!

photo (54)

This was a good reminder for me to be a bit more aware, especially since I’m not running as many miles, I probably shouldn’t eat everything in sight right now.

I still plan to follow my moderation plan – and I know I feel better when I eat lots of protein and lean veggies (with a cookie thrown in!) – but impulse buys of “convenience” foods aren’t the greatest idea.

Are there any foods you’ve come across that haven’t been as healthy as you first thought?

6 thoughts on “I’m sorry, how many calories are in that?!

  1. Dude. After my marathon I didn’t care about calories for the next week. I ate whatever I felt like eating even though I wasn’t running that week.

    But IMO 370 calories from pretzels and hummus is a better alternative to a cookie, which is nothing but empty calories.

    • Oh, I have been unbelievably rungry and have been eating nearly everything in sight this week!
      I totally agree that 400 calories is better spend on something with value, than a cookie, I was just more taken aback at the high calorie count of the hummus and pretzels (which is obviously from the pretzels, which makes them AMAZING!).

  2. I think store bought hummus has a lot of added oil. when I make mine at home I never use as much as most recipes call for. I could go on for days about “health” foods that arent really healthy. YOGURT! Have you ever looked at the amount of sugar in flavored yogurt?!

    • I never thought of the oil. Duh! That totally makes sense.

      Oh man. What drives me insane are the stupid 40 calorie artificially sweetened yogurts. Sure, I’ll consume a diet Coke once in a while, but those yogurts make me so frustrated. I realize this is probably illogical, but I never claimed to make sense 🙂

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