Marathon Recovery

The day after running my marathon, my body was slightly sore, but I was able to move up and down stairs without issue. Forty-eight hours after running my marathon I had some mild muscle soreness, mostly just some calf tightness, but if forced, I probably could have gone for a short (and slow!) run.

So, how is it that I’m functioning like a normal human being (or, as close to normal as I’m able) so soon after a marathon? Here are a few key things I think helped with my recovery.

  • Immediately after finishing, I didn’t stop moving. Yes, I wanted to plan my arse on the ground, but I walked to grab my medal and water, picked up my bag from bag check, tossed in some food and found my dad and sister so we could begin our walk to the car. I knew if I stopped moving I probably wouldn’t be able to start again.
  • I drank my Vega Recovery Accelerator as soon as possible after finishing. As I swapped my shoes for sandals (best idea ever!) my dad mixed up my Vega drink so I could drink it on the way back to the car.
  • I didn’t wimp out and plant my butt on the couch afterwards. Yes, I wanted to plant my butt on the couch, but as much as possible, I made myself go up and down the stairs (oof!) and move about during the day to keep my muscles lose.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Right after my shower I downed my Vega Performance Protein Shake and made myself a nuun drink to restore myself with electrolytes and water!
  • I put my ProCompression calf sleeves on after my shower and wore them for about six hours before peeling them off.
  • Anytime I was sitting down, I tried to have my legs elevated to reduce any unnecessary swelling and help my muscles heal.
  • Rolled my muscles with my recently purchased Tiger Tail. Even my dad (who doesn’t do massage or foam rolling) used my Tiger Tail and loved it!
  • I took it really easy on Sunday and Monday. Sunday I really just chilled at my dad’s and ate turkey and pumpkin pie (pumpkin pie helps heal muscles. Fact). Monday I attempted to go for a walk with my dad but really only made it about 1km before I needed to turn back and have a nap. My body wanted a nap and a nap it what it received!
  • Most importantly, I trained well. My body will always be sore and creaky after a run, but I know following my training plan (and taking care of my body during training) prepared me really well for the marathon and has helped my body to recover well over the past few days.

My plan for the rest of the week is more rest, healthy food, lots of stretching, lots of water and some light exercising. I plan on heading to a yin yoga class to help with the relaxation and stretching tonight and plan on brining in some cross training over the weekend, provided my body feels up to it.

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