This weekend I’m lucky to be hanging out at my dad’s with my sister, her dog and my Maverick (Merlin’s brother.) (yes, I named my cats after the movie Top Gun).


Since it’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada I thought it fitting to reflect on some things I’m thankful for. This past year has been far more challenging than I ever imagined possible, and I think it’s super important to give thanks, even when things aren’t great (right now, my life is pretty great, though!)

1 – my friends. When I was feeling best down and hopeless my friends were there for me. I lost some friends, but made new friends and they make my life so full, and it know they always have my back.

2 – my job. This job came at the perfect time for me personally and I’m so, so thankful for it.

3 – my cat. I’m was super hesitant to take him (back) home with me, but now I’m so glad I did. He’s become my little buddy. He greets me at the store, stretches in my leg when he wants a cuddle (or food) and sleeps on my bed at night. He’s made living alone not be lonely.

4 – running. A year ago I ran a half marathon on minimal training. I was in a bad place personally and training felt burdensome. A year later I’m running my first marathon. Training this time has been good and I feel lighter after every run.

5 – my family. For never judging me and always having an open door.

6 – wine. Because wine 🙂

7 – this blog. Opening myself up online in daunting as I risk being judged or criticized, but the people who have loved and supported me that I’ve met through my blog and Twitter accounts are absolutely AMAZING. That I can have true friendships with people I’ve never met will never cease to astound me.

8 – cats that fetch. (Do I really need to elaborate on this?!)

9 – pumpkin beer. It’s October. The end.

10 – my awesome amazing life that is impossible to capture in a list thrown together after durning a marathon and drinking beer. 😉

Oh. Yeah. I RAN (AND FINISHED!!!) A MARATHON today!! I’ll be recapping it shortly here; I just need a day or two to gather my thought because…….wow.

To my lovely Canadians – HAPPY THINAKSGIVING.

To my American pals – I hope you had an awesome weekend and weren’t forced to change the channel with 3 minutes remaining in the Pats-Saints game 🙂

Tell me – what are YOU thankful for??

3 thoughts on “Thankful

    • Yes! I’m going to film him before leaving my dad’s. It’s hilarious. He also loves being vacuumed, so I’m going to get my dad to pull out the vacuum today 🙂

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