Want to “watch” me run a marathon?

First off, I received an email today informing me I’m an IDEA inspired blogger and I’m so excited!!!

Welcome to the other IDEA bloggers who might be checking in over the weekend 🙂

If you’re new, I’m running my first marathon (ahhhhh!) on Sunday and am 50/50 excited and nervous.

I picked up my bib today and only managed to buy two things at the expo:

A new set of PINK Yurbuds (the best running headphones EVER!) and some awesome new gels out of England.

photo (72)

photo (73)

While I won’t be using the Torq gels for my race (Rule #1 of racing never try anything new on race day!) I’m excited to try them while training for my next half (is it too soon to start thinking about my next half before running a full? Yes? Hmmm. Okay then). Bonus? They taste like ice cream – ICE CREAM while running. How amazing is that?!

Oh, and also picked up a Tiger Tail since my foam roller won’t fit in my suitcase 🙂

photo (75)

It doesn’t look like my race has online timing – but here’s my bib anyway!

photo (71)

So, if you’d like to follow me in real time, you can on RunKeeper! (Yup, again with the RunKeeper!)

You’ll see a Tweet like this (you can follow me on Twitter here) and just click the link and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to follow me in “real time” (I’m assuming updated every 5 minutes as RK gives me my splits) (and provided my phone doesn’t, you know, die!).

photo (74)

Tomorrow my sister and I are heading to a winery or two so I can pick up some wine I ordered during my trip in August and maybe another bottle or two.

Happy weekend friends!

3 thoughts on “Want to “watch” me run a marathon?

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