Friday Fun

photo (46)Hooray for Friday!

I’m getting read to board my flight to Kelowna for my marathon.

Two days, friends. TWO!

(No I will not stop with the countdown. Sorry I’m not sorry).

My brain is kinda frazzled with marathon thoughts, and I’m sure it’ll only get worse. I’ll probably be a freaking treat to be around tomorrow. (Sorry family).

I’m normally a pretty fun and bubbly person, but as soon as I get to the race site, I totally change into Ms Seriousness. Back in the day when I was swimming (which was a Wednesday, by the way) we’d all be marshaled on benches and would move up bench by bench until it was time to race. The majority of people would chat and joke and socialize and I’d be sitting there staring straight ahead with the most serious expression on my face. Questions were met with one word answers and it’s rare you see a smile on my face.

It seems this seriousness has transferred over into running, so I’ll be pacing in the corral just urging the gun to go off so I can get started on this crazy 42.2km (26.2 mile) race.

Since I’ll be outta town, the blog will likely be quiet, but you can check in on Twitter and Instagram (oh, hey, I started a FB page for the bloggity too) for updates on the race.

I’ll do my best to pop in and do a post after I have my bib number in case anyone wants to follow along, I’m pretty sure timing mats are set up every 10k or so for updates online.

In other fun and exciting news, lululemon announced the dates for Seawheeze 2014, so mark August 23, 2014 on your calendars!


More importantly, mark January 23, 2014 on your calendars as that’s when registration opens and I’m pretty dang certain it’ll sell out extra quickly this year.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll probably post about it a bazillion times between now and then because I’m already excited about it this year!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Canadians: ham or turkey at Thanksgiving?

I’m a turkey girl myself, but I heard we’re having ham for dinner. So long as there’s pumpkin pie I’ll be a happy gal!

Who wants to join me for Seawheeze 2014???????

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