How I get my butt out the door

I like to think that Janae and I posted about running motivation around the same time because we’re totally destined to be BFF’s. Right?!

photo (48)

The above picture was taken from my office building (but sadly, not my office, I do not yet have a window office. Yet!) before the rain moved north to our building, but move it did. Around 3pm on Tuesday I was strongly debating my 10k run I had on the schedule: 1) I’m a wimpy wimp who doesn’t always like hates rain and 2) it’s taper week, so does it really matter?! 

Spoiler: I took the night off yesterday, instead I packed my bag to run at lunch today. I could tell I needed the rest because I went to bed at 10pm and slept straight through until my alarm went off.

Through training for my half marathon and now my marathon (count down: four freaking days. FOUR!) I’ve found some tricks that usually work to get my butt out the door.

1. Schedule it

Sure, you have a training plan, but is it visible at all times?

I have my training plan on my blog (Aug half, full, rest and Feb half) and in my awesome Erin Condren planner.

photo (49)

At any given time, all I need to do is flip open my planner, or click the appropriate link on my blog and my training plan is there. After seeing it again and again, I always knew what I had coming up in the week.

2. Make it easy

For runs I did in the AM (long runs) or at lunch (when I have something scheduled after work) I make it as easy as possible to get out the door.

Before going to bed I’ll pack my gym bag (if running and lunch) or will lay out my clothes (this isn’t as neat as it sounds; it usually involves me tossing them on the floor in my living room) and gathering  together all my supplements so I don’t waste time looking for them.

photo (50)

3. Reflect

Reflecting on past runs and how far I’ve come in a few short months shows me that all this hard work is paying off and getting my lazy bum out the door will make a difference.

I’m a visual person and I love data. Seriously, I love it. This is why using RunKeeper has been so awesome for me. It’s easy for me to compare previous runs and RunKeeper will instantly alert me when I’ve hit a new milestone: longest run, fastest at a certain distance, calories burned, etc.

Really, who doesn’t love some instant gratification?!

4. Take a break

Sometimes life is overwhelming and we need a break. With five runs per week on my training plan, I ran 4x/week 70% of the time and sometimes I even only ran 3x/week.

Guess what?

That’s okay.

Rest heals the body so it can run father and faster. On the days where I’m really bagged and can barely keep my eyes open, I’ll make a date with my couch instead. If I’m able, I’ll just swap a rest day for a run day, but if that isn’t possible I’ll have the best rest day ever and be ready to run the following day.

5. Get creative

Earlier this month I was feeling bogged down about all the 30km runs I had yet to do and instead of letting that cloud my thoughts, I made myself a running bucket list. This helped remind me that running is more than just running a race for time, it can be about exploring a new city. making new friends, and hanging out with family.

6. Bribes

When all else fails, I can usually get my butt out the door with a bribe. (If a bribe doesn’t even seem enticing, then I know it’s time for some rest). Although I don’t personally count calories, I do still really try to eat balanced and healthy, so food is normally my main motivator.

Get outside and you can have some extra ice cream for dessert.

Pumpkin pasta? Dang that sure sounds good. Get yer butt outside for a run and it’s pumpkin pasta time!

I’m not above bribes and I’ll probably never be above bribes. Chances are if it works on a small child, it’ll also work on me.

Candy? I LOVE candy!

Tell me, what are your tried and true ways for getting your butt out the door?

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