How I lighten up my Starbucks

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When I first started my new job in April, what I was most pumped about (aside from, you know, having a job) was that there was a Starbucks in my building.

See, I’m an accountant. Accountants run on Diet Coke and Starbucks. No joke. If I’m at an event where there’s pop (<– Canadian term) I’m making a beeline for the diet stuff. If there’s no diet, you bet people will grumble. (Yes, I know fake sugar is all chemicals and awful and bad for me, but it’s also delicious). Anyway, this post isn’t about diet Coke (which I do try to limit to 1 per week….) it’s about my beloved Starbucks.

Ahhhh. Starbucks.

It’s always easy to pick out the newbies to accounting, they’re the ones who suggest Tim Horton’s for afternoon coffee when it’s 3pm and you know you’ll be stuck at the office until at least 11pm. Me? I’m going for the good stuff. Gimme the Starbucks.

However, there are two problems with Starbucks:

  1. It ain’t cheap, yo.
  2. Calories, calories, calories.

Unfortunately there isn’t a heck of a lot I can do about the cost (except for, you know, not buying the stuff) but I can do my best to reduce the calories. (Oh, and not drinking a sugary drink every day also helps. Now that I’m not working one million hours a day, I keep my Starbucks habit to 1-2 per week max.) (Anyone else wondering how many times I can type “Starbucks” in this post?).

I’ve read a bunch of websites that tell you to just get plain coffee, but, really, that’s not very much fun is it? If I want to treat myself to Starbucks, I’m going to treat myself to Starbucks, thankyouverymuch!

Here’s what I do to reduce the calorie content of my drinks:

  1. I always order a tall, unless it’s an Americano. Espresso drinks with milk and syrups I keep to a tall.
  2. Go with the non-fat milk.
  3. Order the drink half sweet. I’ve never found this makes much of an impact on the taste of the drink – so half sweet it is!
  4. Go sugar free (if that’s your style). I order my drinks half sweet and sugar free if it’s available.
  5. Skip the whip. Sorry. I know. ::sadface:: Or if you’re having an especially rough day, go with light whip, we all need a little whipped cream in our lives every now and then.

What’s your favourite Starbucks drink?

Mine used to be the good old PSL, but I think the salted caramel mocha is my new favourite!

Are you a pain (like me!) when ordering from Starbucks?

How many times did I say/write Starbucks?

Answer: 12

8 thoughts on “How I lighten up my Starbucks

  1. I read the calorie count for one of those blended coffee drinks once…and just about died. It was around 1900 calories. I like a coffee treat, but not that much. Never that much!

    To answer your questions:

    I don’t like Starbucks, actually – their coffee tastes bitter and acidic to me. My favorite places for coffee are Peet’s or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I love vanilla lattes, and I generally ask for them iced unless it’s *really* cold outside.

    I am incredibly high-maintence about my coffee order. The last time I ordered, I was embarrassed for myself: decaf, sugar-free vanilla latte…light on the vanilla powder, with soy milk and a splash of 2% milk. The barista was completely unfazed by my ridiculous order, and very nice about it. I have had a baristo at Starbucks repeat my order to the person making my drink and then add, ‘Why bother?’ Yeah.

    • Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?! I’m certain I used to drink that crap in high school, before I even knew what a calorie was. Yup. Ignorance certainly is bliss 🙂

      I used to work at Starbucks, so I definitely know how to make the most complicated drink in the history of the world.

      • I was relieved too! Most things I like to order will def not break the calorie bank – even with a little whip now and then.. 🙂

  2. I don’t really get the Starbucks love. I’m not really a coffee purist who faffs about with grinding beans and so forth (but you’ll rip the Illy from my cold, dead hands!!) but I don’t really like flavoured coffee and don’t take it with milk or sugar. Starbucks coffee doesn’t taste great without the additions so I didn’t drink it a lot anyway. Over here (UK) there’s been quite a bit of press about Starbucks’ tax avoidance so I stopped drinking it altogether.

  3. I treat myself occasionally and now that i signed up for the starbucks card i am buying more. then they sent me coupons in the mail… done.
    I usually just order as is, i don’t really indulge that often and i am sure it is way better then the monstrosity i make myself at 7/11 lol

    I love the salted caramel mocha and the hot chocolate, so tasty. the caramel crunch frap is amazing too.

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