Friday Fun

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Happy Friday, friends!

Who’s ready for the weekend?!

I know I am!

I’m really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning – not too much, as I have a chiro appointment at 10am, but enough to catch up on my lost sleep from last night.

It seems the condo building I’m renting in is jinxed. A month before I moved in there was a flood and the building went down to one elevator for a looong time. Heck, even know we’re lucky to have all three working at once. Then yesterday there was a flood or waterleak (I’m not entirely certain) near the boilers which caused the fire alarms to go on and off from 10pm until midnight.


I am tired this morning!

With my race coming up in 9 days (yup! still counting down!) I’ve decided to take it easy this weekend. I’ll be running an easy 10k this evening (in the cold! It was -3C when I woke up this morning. Brrrr!) and 16k at race pace on Sunday. Other than that, I plan on spending some time organizing my condo. Sounds fun, no?

Well, it might be fun for you friends! See, I have quite a few items of clothing that no longer fit me, so watch for those to be posted to the bloggity at some point over the weekend or early next week. If there aren’t any takers I’ll be dropping them at the clothing donations bin at my church.

Oh! I almost forgot…..Remember how ages ago I said I had a super awesome amazing dessert I was going to make and post? Well, those will be made this weekend! I needed to pick up a mini-muffin tin and then worked all last weekend, but I promise you guys will not be disappointed in this treat.

Do you have any exciting weekend plans? Do tell!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun

    • Probably! Most pants are 6-8 and dresses are 6-8. I’ll post pics and prices over the weekend! I have 3 or 4 Banana Republic dresses that I’ve never worn and now no longer fit, so it’s time to find them a new home!

  1. I’m interested, too! I’m hoping for gently worn workout gear (wait…is that an oxymoron?), but I love your style so I’m looking forward to what goodies you have to offer.

    Also? I like the teaser about your new recipe. I made those freaking 3-ingredient pancakes *again* last night for a snack with milk. *happy sigh*

    • I *do* have workout gear! Mainly shorts from Nike and Adidas I purchased in Houston in 2012 that don’t fit anymore 🙂

      I still have to try making them pumpkin pancakes. Ugh. This whole being an adult thing blows sometimes, what if I just want to blog and cook and not work? 😉

      Warning: this recipe is NOT healthy in the slightest. But – delicious!

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