Meals: Week of Sept 30

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Since reviewing my budget last week, I came to the conclusion that groceries is definitely one of my biggest areas of overspending and that, my dear friends, needs to stop.

Enter: the meal plan.

I know, I know, not the most entertaining topic, but, it’s my blog, right?! 😉

Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
B Provided (marking exams) Left over acorn squash VegaOne
Banana pancakes
S Provided (marking exams) Vega Performance Protein & Recovery Accelerator Trail mix Trail mix Trail mix Trail mix ?
L Provided (marking exams) Baked potato Lunch with friend Cream cheese chicken chili Cream cheese chicken chili Cream cheese chicken chili ?
S Provided (marking exams) Greek yogurt Greek yogurt Greek yogurt Greek yogurt Greek yogurt ?
D Acorn squash & chicken Cream cheese chicken chili Chicken ceasar salad Butternut squash & chicken Pasta night! Frozen pizza Frozen pizza
S Coconut milk & matcha Coconut milk & matcha Coconut milk & matcha Coconut milk & matcha Coconut milk & matcha Coconut milk & matcha Coconut milk & matcha

In making the above meal plan it’s become painfully obvious that coming up with dinner ideas is not my favourite task.

While lunch may be my least favourite meal to eat (sandwiches are boring)(does anyone else type “borking” instead of “boring”? No? Just me. Okay then) dinner is my least favourite to plan for.

Through out trial and error I’ve learned it’s best if I do some meal prep on weekends (made more challenging this week since I’m working all weekend) so I just have to do some reheating throughout the week.


I’m changing up my breakfasts a bit. I do love my green smoothies, but wanted to start eating more grains, especially with my race in 14 days. To ensure I’m getting enough nutrients, I’ll be having my VegaOne shakes and enjoying oatmeal at work. I found these three awesome oatmeal mixes at the store and love the healthy additions like flax and chia seeds.



photo (39)


Reading through Janae’s blog she mentioned this cream cheese chicken chili a bazillion times and I just knew I’d have to try it out. Heck, I even picked up a crockpot/slowcooker this weekend because I knew I wanted this for lunch this week. Since I’m tossing in my fancy new slowcooker today, I’ll also have some for dinner after watching Rush today.

photo (38)


While I love spending time in the kitchen coming up with a fun dinner, I just don’t always have time for it, so I like meals that are quick and easy to throw together. I do the majority of my runs in the evenings, so I don’t have a whole heck of a lot of time to cook, as getting food in my face-hole is far more important than puttering in the kitchen. When it comes to squash, I’ll cook up a whole squash one night and save half for another dinner. Yes, that’s right, I eat half a squash in one sitting, I love my veggies!

All of my proteins are frozen. With just one person, I can’t really justify buying multiple chicken breasts or fish fillets knowing I won’t eat them all. I find frozen (for the most part) to be the same quality as fresh, and sometimes less expensive than fresh too!


I like to leave my weekends flexible for meals – sometimes I’ll grab a sandwich when I’m out running errands, sometimes I’ll eat up whatever I have left over in my fridge. I never quite know what’s coming on Saturday or Sunday (aside from getting in my training runs) so keeping it flexible works best for me.

Do you meal plan?

4 thoughts on “Meals: Week of Sept 30

    • I found out my grocery store marks down veggie trays by 50% on Saturday, so I buy one and then put into baggies to take in my lunch. I can’t justify them at full price, but half off is great! And it saves so much time

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