Weekend Recap

photo (33)

Good Monday morning, friends! And welcome to new readers who discovered my blog this weekend! 🙂

The picture above was taken on my 10km run on Friday evening – it was a perfect fall day! Right now I’m struggling with overdressing for runs. I truly despise being cold (and yet I live in Calgary, I know) so I wore crops and a long-sleeved top, the top was probably a tad overkill, but I didn’t overheat.

Not really related, but I’m looking for some not-too-complicated-but-still-looks-good software to use to make some graphics and images for my blog, if you have any suggestions, please shout them out in the comments!

My goal was just a relaxed pace for my 10km as my previous two runs were at a hard effort being a tempo and a speedwork run. It was nice and relaxed and a great way to kick off the weekend.

Normally my weekends are quite relaxed, but this weekend I spent 20 hours marking exams (12 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday), so not much of a weekend for me!

I managed to do a bit of grocery shopping on Sunday evening and took day off work to relax – oh, and to run! As much as I’d prefer to sleep in on Monday morning, I’ll be getting up at my regular time, lacing up my shoes and (hopefully!) logging 32km as my last long run before my marathon in just 13 days! I’m cutting this run a bit close to the race, but mentally, I really wanted another 30+km run before race day.

After my run (and a possible nap!) I plan on getting my food ready (and posting my meal plan!) for the week and then going to see Rush.

I haven’t talked about it yet, but I love Formula 1 racing. Since moving into my rental, I haven’t had sports on cable, so I’ve missed out on this season’s races, so I’m feeling out of the loop, but my dream is to go to Montreal and see the F1 race there one year.

Did you get up to anything fun this weekend? Please tell me about it!

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