Fun things I can’t have…..yet.

Before starting, yes, I realize the irony in talking about monthly subscription services right after talking about budgeting. It happens 🙂

This doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and blow my pay cheque on stuff – I actually believe the below services can save money. Heck, they’re saving me money since I’m in Canada and don’t currently have the option of using any of them.

There are three awesome subscription services that I’m anxiously waiting to be available in Canada.

Stitch Fix

By now I’m pretty sure nearly everyone knows what Stitch Fix is.

stitch fix

Short version: it’s an online personal stylist that periodically sends you clothing for you to try and then you keep, or return, the items.

Given my love of clothes and fashion, this is something I’m really crossing my fingers comes to Canada. I just hope the shipping cost won’t be ridiculous…


I only heard about Oyster in the past 10 days and I’m already loving the idea of it.


In short, it’s Netflix for books.

Unlimited books for $10/month. Since I read, oh, 2-3 books a month this service would absolutely save me money. I haven’t looked into the available titles, but, like anything new, I’m sure more and more books will become available as the service grows.

Next Issue

When reading about Oyster, I also heard about Next Issue, another awesome service.

next issue

Like Oyster, Net Issue is a monthly subscription service, but for magazines – and the magazines available are amazing!

There are two tiers, $10 for monthlies, or $15 for monthlies and weeklies. Since I can’t justify buying People Magazine for $5 every week, I don’t, but to pay $15/month to read any and all magazines I want?! YES PLEASE.

next issue 2

While I love Canada and wouldn’t trade it, there are just some things I’ve come to accept are a downfall:

  • Getting cool shit after the US
  • Expensive cell phone plans
  • Expensive cheese

Shrug. Such is life 🙂

Have you tried a subscription service?

Are you a Stitch Fix, Oyster or Next Issue member? If so, tell me about it! Do you love it?

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