Happy Monday

Hello again, friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful last weekend of summer/first weekend of fall.

My weekend was pretty enjoyable – I can’t say I got up to anything terribly special; I just truly value being able to chill and relax for a few days since I seem to be crazy busy during the week lately.

Friday I actually ended up leaving work a few hours early because I just could not kick my migraine. Pills, Coke, food, nothing helped, so I went home and napped instead. Right before dinner UPS dropped off an awesome collection of books I ordered from Amazon – I dove right into a few of them.

photo 1

I think I managed to read until around 8pm and then I crawled into bed. Oh, you’re jealous, I know it!

Saturday is my designated sleep in/errand day, so I headed to visit my favourite chiropractor and then ran a few errands. Number one on my list was buying a mini muffin pan, and wouldn’t you know that all bakeware was 15% off this weekend. Score!

I was feeling pretty blah once I got home, so I decided to toss on my shoes and go for an easy run. I was struggling because I kinda didn’t really run on Wednesday and took Thursday and Friday off, so I was craving some running endorphins. I did an easy 7.5km in about 45 minutes; however, RunKeeper, gave me the weirdest stats ever. I actually ended up deleting the log and manually logging it. If I were actually as fast at RK said, I’d have an Olympic gold medal by now 😉

I also picked up a self-cleaning litter box which Merlin has already approved of. I was sick and tired of having to scoop and carry a bag with cat poop in the elevator daily (for some reason my building doesn’t have a garbage chute – first world problem? Yes. But tell me, do you want to ride in an elevator with cat poop? I thought not) so I did some research and chatted with the peeps at the pet store and made a purchase. There’s a 20 minute delay between doing his business and the scooping and every.single.time it scoops he runs to the litter box to watch, “whatch doin’ to mah poops?”

photo 4

photo 3

Sunday was long run day. I was struggling with a bit of sickness on Saturday, so I wasn’t sure how far I’d make it, but since I do an out and back route, I figured I go half distance and then decide. I did end up cutting my run down to 10 miles instead of 20 miles – I knew it would be best for my body to heal than to be sick all week. I’m planning on making it up on Monday (next Monday!) more so for the mental confidence than the physical fitness.

The rest of Sunday was spent exchanging silicon muffin liners (I picked up a package with 23 instead of 24 liners, whoops!) and then chilling on the couch watching the UFC fight from Saturday. I’m glad I didn’t spend the $60 to rent it. The main event was entertaining, but overall it was a pretty meh card.

I have lots of fun things coming up this week for y’all, first was my run from 10 days ago. I’m also going to talk a bit about budgeting and have some fun internet finds and speedwork (provided I actually do speedwork this week!).

I also have a hair appointment tomorrow and I am sooooo looking forward to it.

Do you have anything fun/exciting planned for this week?

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