You may have guessed (or maybe not) but I really like finding new fun things.

My latest discovery is Snapguide.


Snapguide is an online resource filled with how to do just about anything.

Since I’m pretty awful at posting recipes on my blog, I’m going to start posting them on Snapguide for you.

My first one is ne I made a few weeks ago for Single Girl Suppers and never got around to posting, but it’s on the internet now for you 🙂

grilled cheese

I’m still trying to figure out how to embed these in my posts. They tell me there’s a way, but it wasn’t cooperating and I got frustrated and quit. So if you want to see it, click here. Thanks! (Note: you can also find me here)

I’ll try to remember to post periodically when I update my recipes and such – hopefully I’ll figure out how to embed and then that’ll make life easier for everyone. Whomp whomp. No embedding for me. Maybe I’ll actually upgrade this to selfhosted. Maybe.


Do you have a Snapguide account?

If so, be my friend! If not, why not?!

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