Survey Results

Hi friends!

Thank you so much for your awesome and helpful answers in the survey I posted. I really loved reading your feedback and am working to incorporate some of your suggestions.

Now, let’s recap some of the questions, shall we?


Response #6 was Claire!

Claire, check your email, I’ll have the giftcard in your inbox within the next 24 hours! And good luck training for your 5k! 🙂

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

I definitely plan on brining back more fashion and cooking posts – for sure! I’m thinking Fashion Friday might be a thing because who doesn’t love some alliteration?! 🙂 My plan for this weekend (and we’ll see how it goes) is to clean out my closet from the clothes that no longer fit me – I’m hoping more organization will help with the daily outfits and fashion posts.

I have to confess, I’ve been really lazy with food lately. Not unhealthy, but dinner is mainly veggies (whatever is in my freezer, lots of beans) and protein (fish, chicken or steak) but hopefully I’ll be able to whip up some more fun dishes. I also have plans to try out pumpkin pancakes this weekend, if they’re a win, I’ll let you know!

Merlin will probably just be on my Instagram or Twitter account (sorry, no posts will be written by the cat).

I had a zillion pictures I was hoping to share, but I transferred them from my Macbook to my external hard drive and then bought a Windows 8 PC. Yeah. We can all see where this is going, can’t we? I’m trying to figure out how the heck to get them off without needed to reformat the HD *sigh* Stupid technology……

So, there ya have it. Survey results and a winner.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

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