Running and supplements

Disclaimer: This is what I’ve found works for me through trial and error. Read labels before you take anything and talk to your doctor and all that stuff. Basically – don’t be dumb when it comes to supplements.

I’m a pretty big proponent of eating real food in an attempt to get all the nutrients I need from food instead of from a pill.

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve upped the mileage and intensity of my runs, is that I’ve been feeling fatigued, and I wanted to be able to push myself a bit harder while on my runs.

Enter: supplements.

Some supplements I take for running, and some I take for overall health – and what better way to illustrate what I take when than with a table! 🙂

Daily Short Runs Long Runs
Multi vitamin PM – before bed
Calcium & Magnesium AM – with coffee
Glucosamine & Condroitin Sulfate AM and PM (I forget to bring it to work to take with lunch)
Omega 3-6-9 AM, or when I get home if I forget
Beta-Alanine Yes, with my pre-workout energizer
Vega Pre-workout Energizer Yes Yes
Vega Recovery Accelerator For hills & speed work only (not steady or tempo runs) Yes. Every single time.


Multi vitamin

photo (5) My multi isn’t anything fancy or super expensive. I found this at the health food store and wanted one that didn’t contain iron (since it makes me really really sick) but had high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Calcium & Magnesium

photo (6) Again, this isn’t anything fancy, just something I picked up at the health food store that wasn’t terribly expensive. The calcium helps with strong bones, and because I’m running so much, I want to make sure I’m strong and don’t suffer from any stress fractures and the magnesium helps with recovery and muscle soreness after a run. I like feeling like I’ve worked out, but dislike being unable to walk after a workout, so the magnesium is important for me.

Glucosamine & Condroitin Sulfate

photo (4) Glucosamine & Condroitin Sulfate is thought to help with the regeneration of cartilage which helps in keeping joints healthy and functioning. Since running places a lot of stress on my joints, I want to keep them healthy and happy now and when I’m old so I’m not a cripple 🙂

Omega 3-6-9

photo (2) Omega acids are thought to assist with the following:

  • Heart Health
  • Cholesterol Levels Already Within a Healthy Range
  • Joint Mobility and Bone Density
  • Energy and Endurance
  • Skin, Hair and Nail Health
  • Mental Health, Wellness and Acuity
  • Blood Glucose Levels Already Within a Healthy Range
  • Sexual and Hormonal Health


photo (3) This is a relatively new supplement to me. I didn’t know what it was or what it did until I read about it on Hungry Runner Girl. Beta-alanine helps to reduce muscle fatigue (if you want the technical explanation you can read it here). However, one interesting and fun side effect is paresthesia, meaning, I’m scratching my skin like a meth head while running. It’s actually not that bad at all, but I do notice tingling with a dose of only 1tsp. It’s a completely harmless side effect, but it certainly is an interesting side effect of taking it. I’ve also noticed that my muscle fatigue later, so when running super long distance, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Vega Pre-workout Energizer

photo I’ve been taking this for quite a while before all of my runs and I certainly notice a different. What I really like about Vega products is they’re not filled with weird stuff and I don’t feel crazy caffeinated on these. I do notice a difference in my runs when I take the energizer versus when I don’t; it might be all in my head, but I’m okay with it 🙂

Vega Recovery Accelerator

photo (1) For some reason I have a lot of trouble getting on board with the whole “drink chocolate milk” after working out trend. I just…..feel like it’s encouraging people to drink sugar water. I know a 4:1 carb to protein ratio has been show to assist in muscle recovery, for whatever reason, I just don’t buy into the whole chocolate milk thing, and this Vega supplement replaces the chocolate milk thing.

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my training and energy levels since starting taking my supplements, so I’ll continue taking them.

Do you take supplements?

Do you buy into the drink chocolate milk after working out trend? (I’m probably crazy about this, but I just plain old don’t like, or drink, milk).

6 thoughts on “Running and supplements

  1. I’m glad you brought up the pre-workout energizer. I’d like to try something for when I gear up for longer runs. Do they make you full?

    Also, after any and all workouts, I drink an EAS AdvantEDGE chocolate shake. They’re delish.

    • The energizer doesn’t make me full at all. I add 1 scoop to 8oz of water. For my longer runs when I do them in the AM I’ll also have a Stinger Stroop Waffle for added energy/calories (and then gels on the run). My stomach doesn’t really like food in the AM before a run, so it’s challenging, and when I run in the evenings I have to make sure I have at least 3 hours between food and run.

      I’m so high maintenance 😉

  2. I’m allergic to the protein in dairy, so I can’t drink chocolate milk. However, I am a fan of chocolate, and so after a long run, I usually heat up a large cup of chocolate soy milk and add vanilla flavouring…yum! I do have a bit of a sweet tooth…

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