Running Bucket List

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I know I promised you a post on supplements yesterday, but the evening got away from me (6k tempo run, cooking dinner, watching part of 42) and I didn’t get the pictures uploaded in time. Forgive me? 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot of all the run races out there and am starting to plan my 2014 racing season so I thought it might be fun to put down my running goals on paper.


Nike Women’s Marathon – San Francisco

nwm sf

Nike Women’s Half Marathon – DC (I’m fairly certain I’ll be putting my name in the draw this fall – my cousin lives in DC so I’d have a place to stay and can fly on Airmiles and I really want some of those Special Edition Nike Runners. No, I’m not materialistic, why do you ask?)

nwhm dc

nike runners

SeaWheeze – every year for ever and ever and ever.


New York City Marathon – because New York.

ing new york

Las Vegas RnR Half Marathon – I’m a bit on the fence about the RnR races since they announced they’re no longer supporting elite runners, but Las Vegas. Strip at night. Ahhhhh!

las vegas

Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon – my aunt and I have plans to do this once my youngest cousin is out of the nest, so in about 2 years my aunt and I will be getting our wine on!

disney wine and dine

Half Corked Half – this is truly a fun run. It’s a non-time event and is only 17km, so not even a true half marathon. It’s like a pub crawl, but with wineries and is obviously full of awesomeness. So far it sounds like my aunt, sister and I will be registering for this for 2014. Heck, if we drink too much wine there’s a bus that’ll drive along and pick us up. Seriously. Love it!

half corked

Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge – I suppose I should pick a race in DisneyLand at some point if I’m going to attempt to complete this one……

coast to coast

Goofy Challenge – this is  a pipe dream, but how cool would it be to run a half and a full in Disney?!


Boston – definitely more of a pipe dream than the Goofy, but I’m putting it out there. Right now I’m in the 3:35 qualifying group, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep my pace and fitness until I move closer to the 4:00 qualifying group in my 40’s 🙂



I can’t talk about a running bucket list without talking about race times. Some of these are insane, some might be doable. For each distance I’m listing 3 goals from OMG-this-might-be-doable-on-the-most-perfect-day-ever-after-the-most-perfect-training-plan to work really hard and I’ll get there.


  1. 20:00
  2. 22:30
  3. 25:00


  1. 40:00
  2. 45:00
  3. 49:00

Half Marathon

  1. 1:55:00
  2. 1:49:00
  3. 1:45:00


  1. 4:30:00
  2. 4:15:00
  3. 3:59:00

What are your bucket list races?

What are your running time goals?

12 thoughts on “Running Bucket List

  1. Hi Ange,

    My main running goal is to qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon by running the Vancouver Marathon in 2014. I’m shooting for 4:00:00, which is the qualifying time for the age group 50-55 (I’ll be 50 by the 2015 Boston Marathon). I’ve got 8 months of hard training to run under 4 hours!

    • That’s so awesome!! I’m so excited for you! 🙂

      I just read about Yasso 800’s today to be used to predict marathon finishing times, so I’m planning on giving those a shot in the coming weeks and see how it works.

      I hate they moved the qualifying times up by 5 minutes AND got rid of the 59 second buffer zone for qualifying too.

      Good luck with your training – I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. I also meant to add, my running time goal for a 1/2 marathon is 1:53:00 (will run in mid-April), so that means I need to cut off ~9 minutes from my PR, which was 2:02:08.

  3. It’s a small 1/2 marathon in my hometown, but they have it in early/mid-April for people training for the Vancouver Marathon. I realized when I ran it back in 2012 that it definitely was the perfect distance. When I ran the Vancouver Marathon in May 2012, I hadn’t run enough long runs and boy oh boy, did I pay for it! I’m hoping that it won’t be so bad this time around. After I finished the marathon, I swore I’d never ever run a marathon again…and I here I am, training for another one so I can qualify for an even bigger one!

    • Oh that’s so perfect!
      Signing up for my full was almost backward of that, I realized my half plan and race put me perfectly on track for the BMO Kelowna race, and so I signed up.

      My fear is that I’ll actually not hate the marathon and want to do another – the training is so much work!

  4. Re: Yasso 800’s, I hadn’t realized originally that you had to run ~10 of them at the same pace. I did one and was so excited that I was en route to running a 3:40 marathon! Sigh…
    I definitely am going to fit those into my training schedule. I’m also going to continue doing the 400m repeats once a week, and in January, start doing 1 mile repeats as well. I live in a very hilly city, and so I get lots of hills in just running my regular runs. However, I love doing hill repeats, so will do those as well once I have a good solid running base in place.

    • I LOVE hills and speedwork. They suck when you’re doing them, but I always feel so powerful after. A lack of hills totally bit me in the butt for SeaWheeze – I forget just how flat Calgary is, so I’ll be adding in WAY more hills next year! My elevation change on a normal run is usually only 40m or so and for my half it was 598m – yeah, I felt it!
      My speedwork starts next week (technically today, but I’m feeling sick) so I’ll be adding in some 800s to see where I fall pace-wise. I’m thinking it’ll probably be in the 4:15 to 4:30 range just based on my tempo times.

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