Easy Peasy Pancakes

Happy Monday morning, friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 🙂 Mine was nearly perfect.

Friday is my do nothing evening, so I finished off Veronica Mars (can someone please tell me how this show was cancelled?! Seriously. I love it and I cannot wait for the movie. Also, this is crazy, but I’m totally Team Logan).

My goal on Friday nights is to sleep at least 10 hours, and I have to say, I was 100% successful in that. I dragged my bum outta bed at 9:30 and made my regular Saturday morning breakfast, Banana Pancakes (recipe to follow). These are the easiest, yummiest pancakes ever, and I’ll also argue they’re pretty healthy too!

The rest of the day was spent chilling on the couch watching tennis, equestrian and Orange is the New Black. It was a dreary rainy day and I had no desire to leave my building, and so I didn’t.

Sunday was a much different day. I was up at 7:30 to get ready for my long run. Since my previous two attempts at long runs didn’t quite go as planned, I was crossing my fingers for this one. And? I did it! 28km!! Holy. Moly.

Needless to say, I rewarded myself with pizza for breakfast/lunch after my run. Om nom nom was it ever good!

After chilling on the couch for a bit, I went to see Riddick and eat fish tacos for dinner.

All-in-all, a super successful weekend.

Random (and not entirely related to my post, but close): I totally had a dream that Justin Timberlake was my hair dresser and I was chatting with him and Jessica Biel (she just had a baby boy) about wineries in the Okanagan. Yup. Random.

Banana Pancakes

1 banana

1 egg

1tbsp peanut butter

photo (7)

Mash up the banana:

photo (6)

Add in the egg and peanut butter and continue mixing:

photo (5)

Mmmmm. Looks yummy…….

photo (4)

Pour into a preheated pan (I use coconut oil in the pan).

photo (2)


photo (1)

Eat. I top my pancakes with honey.




I’d like to try this with canned pumpkin as well, as I think it would work out similar to the banana. Really, could it be any easier?!


Don’t forget to fill out my survey for a chance at a Starbucks gift card!


What’s your go-to weekend breakfast?

6 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Pancakes

    • I know, right?!

      They’re a little tricky to flip because of the whole no flour thingk, but they’re so yummy. (And I’ll also argue they’re healthy too).

  1. I tried a similar pancake once and it didn’t work out. I’m going to have to try this one! Pumpkin sounds good too.

    My go to for weekend breakfast usually involves a sweet potato hash and runny eggs.

    • I also LOVE cooking a sweet potato and topping it with poached eggs. Mmmmmm. It’s been to hot for that lately, but as soon as it cools off I’ll be bringing it back 🙂

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