Friday Fun

I feel like my past two weeks of posts have been somewhat serious in nature: running, more running, still more running and some self reflection thrown in for good measure.

Well, since it’s Friday I thought instead of food, I’d be a bit more fun and relaxed and post some pictures of myself. Because that’s something out of the ordinary, right?! Ha!

I picked up some fall wardrobe items since Express was having a 40% off sale over the weekend – seriously, 40% off, did you expect me to resist?!

FYI – Victoria Day weekend (in Canada) they always have a 40% sale, same with Labour Day. Black Friday (US and Canada) the entire store is 50%-60% off online.

Really though, I had one pair of full length pants that fit me, so I think it was time to stock up and I love the Editor and Columnist (Columnist are my faves) pants from Express.

Since I had new clothes, I had to wear them to work this week and I even managed to take pictures 🙂

You’ll have to excuse the state of my hair in the mornings, making a healthy breakfast and lunch > blow-drying my hair.

photo (95)

photo (94)

photo (93)

photo (92)

photo (91)

photo (96)

photo (97)

photo (98)

Also, for your pleasure: search terms that have brought people to my li’l home over the past few days. I have to say, I’m sure they were disappointed.

search 1

Do you wait for sales to go shopping?

Not always, but it’s nice if I can save some monies!

Do you wear new clothes right away, or wait a bit?

Nearly always right away.

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