Feedback Friday

Ahhh, alliteration at it’s finest 🙂

I know what you’re thinking: a survey on a Friday, how fun!

Trust me, it is. Would you rather pass the minutes until you can go home and crack that beer working, or filling out a survey. Yeah, that’s what I thought, survey it is 🙂

I’ve recently received some positive feedback (yay!) on my blog, but also wanted to hear more about what you like and don’t like. For those of you that read my (now deleted) previous blog, please consider that in your comments as well. If you didn’t read that blog, just tell me what you like and don’t like.

As an added bonus, anyone who completes the survey by Friday September 13 will be entered into a draw for a giveaway for a Starbucks card. That’s right, friends, Pumpkin Spice Lattes on me (or whatever else you want, but really, PSL’s are where it’s at). (And, yes, if you’re in the US you’re still totally eligible!)

CYA Disclaimer: I won’t give out/sell/post on the interwebs for all to see, your responses, name or email addresses, but I need to contact you in order to give you your saweet-ass prize.

Now go survey! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Feedback Friday

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