I feel the need; the need for speed

I’ve been wondering and pondering and thinking about how I managed to increase my running pace so much over a short period of time.

Honestly? I don’t have any clear cut answers, but I do have some thoughts as to why I have been shattering PR’s on my training runs and why I’ve been feeling pretty freaking awesome about running in general.

Remember – what works for me, might not work for you, so take it all with a grain of salt.

I weigh less

Not significantly less, but I do weight less than I did when I first started running in 2010 and I weigh quite a bit less than I did when running in 2012. Having less mass to push along means I conserve energy so I can push harder and go longer (TWSS).

I’m not anxious

When training before I’d beat myself up if I missed a training run. I’d head down the I’m not good enough/I’m going to fail spiral and things would go from bad to worse. I make training a big priority (running comes before cleaning, TV, eating and hanging out with friends. Sorry I’m not sorry) but I also listen to my body and if I’m exhasuted or just need a break, I’ll take a break.

New shoes

I switched from my beloved Asics to Newton’s earlier this year. These shoes are much lighter and encourage an efficient mid-foot strike when running; I believe having a more efficient foot strike means I’m able to run faster with less effort.

I’m eating better

Along with dropping weight, I’m also eating WAY better. I focus on fruits and veggies, with sugar and meat as an added bonus. That said, I usually enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. Wine (in moderation) is good for me, I just go with it 🙂

I’m happier

I’m happy because I run and I run because I’m happy.

I feel this has made a pretty significant difference in my life. A year ago I was definitely NOT happy. Not one bit. Now? I’m definitely happy and that’s a super good thing. Super.

Why do you run?

What encourages you to keep going?

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