What to do when shit doesn’t go as planned

Spoiler: I don’t do well when things don’t go as planned.

Wait? That’s not a surprise?! Ha. Never mind then.

Sunday I was pumped to go be badass and run 30km as my longest training run to-date.

Well. That didn’t happen.

I mapped my run to be a double loop to mimic the double loop I’ll be running in Kelowna. I was hesitant to run Kelowna as my first full as the course always looks to be a bit of a mind-fuck (sorry mom) to be, but finally bit the bullet and decided to do it; I just decided to train for the double loop.

Back to Sunday.

I was running a 7.5km out and back. Twice.

I was even out the door before 8am. On a Sunday. How many of you were still in bed at 8am on Sunday? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Well, you can’t all be as awesome as I am 🙂

At my first turn around my left ankle started hurting. A lot. I stopped. Stretched it. Rubbed it (TWSS). Walked a bit. It still hurt. Dangit!

I decided I’d run back so I’d at least get a 15km run in (ha! it’s funny when 15km feels like a short run, what happened to me?!) and evaluate if I’d keep going or call it quits at that point.

Well, it just didn’t ease up. It continued to hurt when I walked on it, so I knew it likely needed some rest and ice, so that’s what I decided to do.

Let me tell you, that didn’t make me happy. At all.

It’s probably a good thing my running/blogging idols are Hungry Runner Girl and T-Rex Runner and they’ve both suffered from stress fractures. I’m exactly that stubborn and had I not recently been reading about their injuries, I likely would have pushed through and ran the whole 30km on Sunday.

Hey. No one ever said runners were smart. Sometimes about those endorphins mess up our thinking and we’re all “30km?! Piece of cake!” Ha! My ass.

Anyways, it’s become obvious I need to do more cross training as my ankles have always been weak and my calves are disproportionately large (but, damn, do they look good in heels! Which, I can’t wear when I’m training because I have shin problems, so you’ll just have to take my word for it) and I’m sure my feet are weak because I have high arches.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get in the remainder of my runs for this week without any pain (and with the use of tape) and will do a 30km long run next weekend and call this week my rollback/taper week instead.

Six weeks. I sure as heck can’t afford to get injured now!

How do you deal with setbacks in your training?

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