Single Girl Suppers: Embellished Salad

Confession: I ate ice cream for dinner last night. I ran three days in a row and decided eating aweome ice cream at Village Ice Cream would be an excellent way to start off Friday rest day. Three cheers for rest days!!!

I’ve already mentioned pre-made, bagged salads as an awesome dinner idea, but sometimes I want more than just a salad from a bag.

Last Wednesday I ended up running errands until 8pm, so dinner was a very late one. I had a delicious salad in the fridge and decided to spruce it up a bit to make it even yummier!

photo (67) photo (68) photo (69) photo (70)

This probably ended up being one of the best bagged salads I’ve ever eaten – I’ll thank the add-ins for the delicousness!

Last Friday was bagged spinach salad with salami (odd choice, but it worked), goat cheese and olives added.


PS – If you’re new to my blog, or, from another country leave me a comment to introduce yourself. So cool!!

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